Military Personnel Vehicle Renewal

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2024, Transportation Modernization Act of 2023 Changes Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Registration Fees. Click here for additional information.

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NOTICE: Military records can no longer be accessed on public computers. Click here for additional information. 


Wheel Tax Increase

Effective February 1, 2021, the Montgomery County Wheel Tax will increase to $74.00.

Active duty, non-resident, military personnel, who are currently stationed at a Tennessee base (to include Fort Campbell), are eligible for one (1) exemption from the Montgomery County Wheel Tax annually. You will need to provide an End of Month Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) issued within the last 90 days. If Tennessee (TN) is reflected for state tax purposes on the LES, the Wheel Tax fee must be remitted. 

The renewal fee for a standard vehicle license plate, exempt from the Montgomery County Wheel Tax, is $29.00 + postage (if applicable).

If Tennessee is listed on the LES, or the active duty member (who is currently stationed at a TN base) has previously received an exemption on a valid registration, the Wheel Tax of $74.00 will be added to the renewal fee of $29.00. The total cost will be $103.00 for a walk-in customer, $105.00 by mail or $109.41 for online.

All military transactions require a copy of the End of Month LES.

Follow the links below for a list of required documents, if:

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Disabled Veteran Wheel Tax Exemption 

Per TCA 5-8-102, any disabled veteran who has one hundred percent (100%) permanent total disability is exempt from the motor vehicle privilege tax (wheel tax) upon submission of evidence of such disability. Proof of a 100% rating (i.e., signed VA letter) must be submitted at time of application. No refunds will be issued after application has been processed.