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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) requires each builder in a subdivision or development where more than one acre has been or will be disturbed to submit a Notice of Intent form to TDEC.  If a Notice of Termination has been issued to a site developer by TDEC, each builder must submit a Notice of Intent, a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and fees to TDEC in order to receive coverage under the State's Construction General Permit.

The exact State permit requirements are provided in the Tennessee General Permit No. TNR100000, Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities (the Construction General Permit or CGP).


Montgomery County Building and Codes is comprised of three departments/divisions...

The Building Department

Protecting the public's life, health, and welfare in the built environment. Jurisdiction across the country involves a busy and complicated profession that addresses every aspect of the building construction industry. The job is not limited to the difficult task of understanding and applying the architectural, engineering and construction concepts of building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and fire codes. The job includes the enforcement of zoning, the subdivision of property, housing, environmental, traffic and various other county or state laws that directly affect the building construction industry.

Codes Enforcement Division

The purpose of the code is to provide the basic minimum housing standards deemed essential for safe and healthful living. The code provides the minimum requirements necessary to maintain any residential occupancy in a safe and sanitary condition.

In addition, the codes enforcement division enforces provisions of zoning resolutions of Montgomery County, adopted by the County Commission. The provisions of this resolution shall be administered by the Montgomery County Building Commissioner. This official or designee shall have the right to enter upon any premises in Montgomery County at any reasonable time for the purpose of making inspections of buildings or premises necessary to carry out his duties in the enforcement of this Resolution.

Office Administration Department

The purpose of this department is to provide support and assistance to the Building Department and Codes Enforcement Division. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to issuing building, and plumbing permits; maintaining records and reports; generating correspondence; answering questions from the public and other County Departments regarding local zoning laws and regulations; reviewing of subdivision plats prior to preliminary and final plat approval, checking for zoning regulation compliance; preparing and coordinating requisitions for purchases; preparing and processing statistical analyses; handling department accounting functions; preparing notification letters, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and case file for appeals hearings and board meetings; and performing other related duties as assigned by the Building Commissioner.