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About Us

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control's mission is to be a respected community leader and credible source for the awareness and enhancement of animal health and welfare, responsible pet ownership, rabies control, public safety, and compliance with State and Local ordinances.

Under the State of Tennessee Animal Control Regulations, Montgomery County Animal Care and Control and its enforcement staff have been given the authority to enforce local and state ordinances.  Montgomery County Animal Care and Control strives to provide professional, courteous, effective, and timely services to the citizens of Montgomery County.

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is located at 616 N. Spring St. in downtown Clarksville, TN.  Montgomery County Animal Care and Control services all of Montgomery County and its townships.

Mission Statement

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control are dedicated to providing three core principles of Education – by providing education to the public on the humane treatment of animals, animal welfare, population control, adoption, and responsible pet ownership; Enforcement – by enforcing all local animal control ordinances and regulations as well as State of Tennessee Animal Code; Prevention – dedication to preventing the spread of rabies through rabies virus awareness, control and testing to eradicate exposure to the rabies virus in Montgomery County. We work strongly to continually build on our strong community partnerships, awareness, and relationships in Montgomery County.

Five Freedoms

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is dedicated to ensuring all animals in Montgomery County are provided the basic five freedoms every animal should have:

  1. FREEDOM FROM HUNGER AND THIRST – by having ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain health and vigor.
  2. FREEDOM FROM DISCOMFORT – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.
  3. FREEDOM FROM PAIN, INJURY, OR DISEASE – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  4. FREEDOM TO EXPRESS NORMAL BEHAVIOR – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities, and the company of the animal’s kind.
  5. FREEDOM FROM FEAR AND DISTRESS – by ensuring conditions and treatment that avoid mental suffering.