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Montgomery County Commission

The Montgomery County Commission meets on the following regular schedule:

Informal Meeting - first Monday of each month, 6 p.m.
Formal Meeting - second Monday of each month, 6 p.m.

Montgomery County Commission

2014-2018 Montgomery County Commissioners

Click on a district name to view the boundaries of that district.
(Maps provided by the APSU: GIS Center.)

Email John M. Gannon

John M. Gannon
District 1

Email Charles Keene

Charles Keene
District 2

Email Ed Baggett

Ed Baggett
District 3

Joe Weyant

Joe Weyant
District 4

Robert Gibbs

Robert Gibbs
District 5

Email Arnold Hodges

Arnold Hodges
District 6

Email Brandon Butts

Brandon Butts
District 7

Email Ron Sokol

Ron Sokol
District 8

Email John Genis

John Genis
District 9

Email Martha Brockman

Martha Brockman
District 10

Joe Creek

Joe Creek
District 11

Email Robert G. Nichols

Robert G. Nichols
District 12

Email Audrey Tooley

Audrey Tooley
District 13

Email Tommy Vallejos

Tommy Vallejos
District 14

Email David Harper

David Harper
District 15

Email Wallace Redd

Wallace Redd
District 16

Email Jason Hodges

Jason A. Hodges
District 17

Email Monroe Gildersleeve

Monroe Gildersleeve
District 18

Email Garland Johnson

Garland Johnson
District 19

Email Jerry Allbert

Jerry Allbert
District 20

Email Larry Rocconi

Larry Rocconi
District 21

Other Information

2010 Legislative Agenda

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2008 Legislative Agenda