Montgomery County Commission

2022-2026 Montgomery County Commissioners

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John Gannon
District 1
Jason Knight
District 2
Joe Smith
District 3
Rickey Ray
District 4
Rashidah Leverett
District 5
Michael Lankford
District 6
Nathan Burkholder
District 7
Tangi Smith
District 8
Jorge Padro
District 9
Jeremiah Walker
District 10
Joe Creek
District 11
Carmelle Chandler
District 12
Walker Woodruff
District 13
Joshua Beal
District 14
David Harper
District 15
Lisa Prichard
District 16
Chris Rasnic
District 17
Ryan Gallant
District 18
Billy Frye
District 19
Autumn Simmons
District 20
David Shelton
District 21

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2024 Legislative Agenda

2023 Legislative Agenda

2022 Legislative Agenda

2021 Legislative Agenda

2020 Legislative Agenda

2019 Legislative Agenda

  • Expand High Speed Broadband and Internet service to County areas by local/municipal providers.
  • Amend TCA 41-8-103(11) to redefine “prisoner day” from the date sentenced to the department of correction to the date convicted by the trial court; for compensation to Counties for detainees’ hold days when allowed credit for pretrial detention.
  • Start a juvenile detention center in Montgomery County.
  • Create a plan for enforcing TCA 55-21-108; Handicap Parking.
  • Amend TCA 5-6-108 to allow County Mayors access to examine County bank accounts.
  • Revenue; local sales tax distribution for internet sales.
  • Create legislation for TDOT to revive a proposal for the north loop of Interstate 840.
  • Modify TCA 39-13-511(c) currently only recognizes the word “guard” regarding indecent exposure in a penal facility.  Request a word change to redefine or replacing it with “staff”.
  • Amend TCA 39-14-402, burglary, to include the entering of a construction site or other place where construction, rehabilitation, or remodeling is underway, and to have the same classified as a Class D felony.
  • Allocate an additional General Sessions Judge for Montgomery County.
  • Create an anti-panhandling law for the State of Tennessee.
  • Encourage the Tennessee Department of Transportation to obligate funding for certain projects.