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Montgomery County Fiscal Year 2023-2024 ADOPTED Budget


View the Official Standards and Poor's credit rating report for Montgomery County, Tennessee. This report increases the County's credit rating to "AA+", which distinguishes Montgomery County as one of the most financially secure investments in Tennessee.

Mission and Programs

The mission of the Department of Accounts and Budgets is to provide budgeting, accounting, transaction, and quality financial expertise and information

The purpose of the Financial Management Program is to provide financial planning, analysis, and reporting services to the Mayor, Commission, County Departments, other regulatory and oversight agencies, and the public so they can have access to timely and accurate information to make informed decisions that are in compliance with applicable laws.

The purpose of the Financial Operations Program is to provide processing and receipt and payment posting services to vendors, County Departments, and employees so they can be compensated for the goods and services they provide in a timely and accurate manner.

Additional Information

The Department of Accounts and Budgets is established by the County Fiscal Procedure Law of 1957 (TCA 5-13-101 et seq.) to set up and maintain a system of fiscal procedures, controls, and accounting in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for governments, and to facilitate the preparation and maintenance of the budget.

Fiscal year
The fiscal year used by the county for budgeting and accounting begins July 1 and ends the following June 30.

The department facilitates the budget process, which follows the procedures of the County Budgeting Law of 1957 (TCA 5-12-101 et seq.). The process supports the County Commission, Budget Committee, and County Mayor in developing and approving the annual budget.

The department accounts for all county revenues and expenditures except those maintained by the Clarksville Montgomery County Consolidated Schools. The county's books are audited annually by the State Comptroller's Office, Division of County Audit. The county utilizes the State Comptroller's Uniform Chart of Accounts.

Reports are available online in Adobe Acrobat® .pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read the files; you can download it free from the Adobe website.