Court System

The Montgomery County Courts Center houses the Juvenile, General Sessions, Chancery, Circuit courts and the Circuit Court Clerk. The Courts Center is open 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Juvenile Court - (931) 648-5766

Four judges preside over the Juvenile court system in Montgomery County; Ken Goble, Jr., Reid Poland, Sharon Massey Grimes, and Tim Barnes. Juvenile proceedings are conducted on the second floor of the Courts Complex.

General Sessions Court - (931) 648-5700

Three judges preside over the General Sessions court in Montgomery County; Ken Goble, Jr., Reid Poland, Sharon Massey Grimes, and Tim Barnes.

Circuit Court - (931) 648-5700

Six judges are on the bench in Circuit Court for the 19th Judicial district, serving Montgomery and Robertson counties: Katy Olita, William R. Goodman, Robert Bateman, Joel Wallace, Jr, Adrienne Fry, and Ashleigh Travis.

Cases are heard at the Montgomery County Courts Center, 2 Millennium Plaza, next to the historic Courthouse. Millennium Plaza encompasses the block bounded by North Second Street, Commerce Street, North 3rd Street and Franklin Street. Click here for map and directions.

For information about the Circuit and General sessions Court, call the Circuit Court Clerk's Office at (931) 648-5700.

Chancery Court - (931) 648-5703

Chancery Court handles civil cases including but are not limited to contract/debt, real estate, workers' compensation, probate, conservatorship/guardianship, adoption, partition suits, and divorce. The court is presided over by Chancellor Ben Dean. Cases in Montgomery County are heard at the Montgomery County Courts Center, Room 403, 2 Millennium Plaza. For more information about Chancery Court call (931) 648-5703.

District Attorney - (931) 648-5574

The District Attorney's Office handles the prosecution of cases in General Sessions Court and Circuit Court and the collection of unpaid child support in the 19th Judicial District. District Attorney General Robert Nash's office is at 200 Commerce Street.

Public Defender's Office - (931) 648-5538

The Public Defender's Office is appointed by the court to represent indigent defendants in criminal cases, beginning with pretrial hearings and continuing through the appellate courts. Public Defender Roger Nell's office is at 112 S. Second St.

City Court - (931) 648-4604

City Court handles traffic citations in Clarksville and violations of city ordinances. Cases are heard by City Judge Charles W. Smith at 106 Public Square.