Current Tennessee License Plate

Month / Year

When your plate is issued, the month and year of expiration will print on a decal that is affixed to the registration card. Upon receipt, the decal will need to be removed from the registration card and affixed to the license plate (top right corner). Your registration will expire on the last day of that month.

County Name 

The County name decal is placed on each standard plate issued in Montgomery County. 

Wheel Tax

If the plate was purchased through a dealership in another County in Tennessee, residents of Montgomery County are required to purchase the Wheel Tax through our office. No decal is issued. Proof of payment will be reflected on your registration. 

To view Specialty License Plates (collegiate, foundations, military, etc.), click here



Disabled Veteran Wheel Tax Exemption 

Per TCA 5-8-102, any disabled veteran who has one hundred percent (100%) permanent total disability is exempt from the motor vehicle privilege tax (wheel tax) upon submission of evidence of such disability. Proof of a 100% rating (i.e., signed VA letter) must be submitted at time of application. No refunds will be issued after application has been processed.