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Kimberly B. Wiggins, County Trustee

Kimberly Wiggins

County Trustee

About the Trustee's Office

The Office of Trustee is primarily responsible for overseeing the collection of local property taxes. The Trustee serves as the county’s “banker,” keeping accurate records of receivables and expenditures, investing county idle funds and paying certain bills. We strive to provide local taxpayers honest, efficient and friendly service, while fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of the office.

For your convenience, you can pay your property taxes online, in person at the Trustee’s office or during the months of November through February, at one of the offices of participating community banks. A full list of payment options is available on the Payments and Branches page to the left.

Information about tax relief programs for elderly or disabled homeowners, disabled veterans, and widows of veterans can be accessed via the Tax Relief menu to the left. If you have any questions about your eligibility for tax relief, our office can help.

It is an honor to serve the citizens of Montgomery County as Trustee. We strive to provide honest, efficient and friendly service while being a responsible custodian of taxpayers’ funds. The staff and I are committed to serving you.


Kimberly B. Wiggins
Montgomery County Trustee


Covid Hardship Programs

Tennessee Housing Department Agency just received the approval to roll out the much-needed Tennessee Housing Assist Fund Program. (TNHAF) for those whose household income is less than $119,850. This money can be used to catch up on payments. It will pay for up to 6 months moving forward. It can be applied multiple times if a new COVID hardship is incurred.

This program is designed to assist homeowners with 

  • Mortgage payments
  • Past due HOA fees
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Property Taxes

COVID-19 Hardship includes: 

  • Unemployment or Underemployment – Significant Reduction in Income
  • Substantial increase in expenses directly related to COVID
  • Households may apply for assistance up to $40K (TOTAL)

For details on the program: https://thda.org/help-for-homeowners/haf

To participate log in through: https://portal.thda.prolinkplus.prolinksolutions.com/login

Printable information on this program:  Click Here