Alexis Goines Allstate Insurance Joins Program

Alexis Goines’ Allstate Insurance office is the 133rd organization in Montgomery County to become Green Certified. Alexis Goines is an avid recycler at home and upon opening her Allstate office in 2017 she wanted to continue her sustainability practices at work. In addition to her in office recycling, she and her staff work to conserve energy and keep paper use to a minimum. The office is single-use paper, plastic and Styrofoam free with employees utilizing reusable cups, utensils and plates. At the ceremony Alexis said she was excited to be part of the Program and that “reducing waste in the office was something I really wanted to focus on. Since I recycle at home that was something I wanted to carry through into the office. This is something my team has really gotten involved in as well. We are happy to be doing something to help the community.”

In addition to earning Certification, Alexis Goines’ Allstate Insurance obtained the Program’s SILVER level. The Program allows organizations to obtain bronze through platinum level certification based upon its sustainability practices. Reaching silver during the certification process is a great achievement and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

2021 UPCYCLE Challenge Theme Announced

The Program is excited to announce that the theme for the 2021 UPCYCLE Challenge will be Garden Decor. Your UPCYCLE entry will need to transform a discarded or recycled object(s) into a bird feeder, gnome, signage, lighting, seating, wind chime, planter, etc. All entries will be due the day of the 2021 Green Certification Banquet. The Banquet is currently planned for September 2021 but don't delay start planning your UPCYCLE entry today.

As a reminder, each year the Program will hold the UPCYCLE Challenge which is open to any Green Certificated organization. Entries need to be constructed completely of recycled and reused items. Judging takes place at the annual Green Certification Banquet. The winner of the UPCYCLE Challenge will receive the UPCYCLE Trophy to display for the entire year.

Click here for rules and the entry form.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report

Check out the 2017 Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report to see what environmental efforts have been accomplished so far, some of the future goals, and what can be done at the residential level. The topics of air quality, energy conservation and efficiency, stormwater management, water quality and waste reduction affect everyone who resides in Clarksville and Montgomery County. Work on the report began in fall 2014, when County Mayor Jim Durrett and City Mayor Kim McMillan agreed to have a Sustainability Task Force develop a Community Sustainability Report focused on areas that impact our local environment.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Named Gold Community

Clarksville-Montgomery County has been named a Valley Sustainable Gold Community by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Previously named a Silver community in 2015, the city-county recently completed a program reevaluation. Developed in partnership with TVA and Boyette Strategic Advisors (Boyette), TVA’s Valley Sustainable Communities program works with cities and counties throughout the region to help them develop a healthy environment, a thriving community and long-term economic prosperity. In order to achieve this advancement, the local committee initiated several improvements to already existing green practices as well as created a written sustainability plan for the community moving forward.

Spearheaded by a joint effort between the Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board and the Montgomery County Green Certification program, the advancement from Silver to Gold in the Valley Sustainable Communities Program helps our community better document, and thus improve, existing sustainability programs.

To learn more about Valley Sustainabile Communities visit the TVA website