2022 Recertification Requirements

Assistance and mentoring are available to anyone that would like help completing the 2022 recertification criteria. Please contact Carlye to learn more about this opportunity. 

To be eligible for recertification, organizations must complete the following criteria:

REQUIRED: Organizations must demonstrate continuous improvement by completing each of the following:

  • Recommitment statement – In order to reduce paper waste all recommitment statements will be electronic. No signatures are required this year.
    • Submit a short description stating the reason(s) your organization remains committed to the Green Certification Program and the natural resources of Montgomery County.
  • Confirmation of ongoing education with employees regarding environmental policies/practices.
    • You may provide a short write-up explaining what you do or provide copies of materials that you have distributed to your employees.
  • Updated environmental plan that includes goals for the next two years.
  • Attend the annual refresher webinar.
    • May 17th from 8-10 a.m. – Attendance maybe during the live stream or by viewing the recorded webinar. Register for the webinar online at mcgtn.org/green.
  • Continued Improvement – Showcase one improvement or educational campaign your organization has completed or is in the process of completing, over the past two years. You may arrange a site visit, submit a short video or send in a write-up with photos of your improvement.
  • Complete the point system spreadsheet.

All recertification materials are due by August 1, 2022. Organizations that recertify will receive an updated data plate and will be recognized at the annual banquet. Organizations that obtain a higher level on the point system spreadsheet will also receive a plaque acknowledging their advancement at the banquet. 

Clarksville High School First CMCSS High School to Become Certified

A green ribbon cutting was held on Tuesday, February 1st to welcome Clarksville High School (CHS) to the Green Certification Program. CHS becomes the first high school in the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) to complete the Program. 

The Certification efforts were led by Zander Daigle, a junior at CHS, and Melissa Nolan, CHS’ AP Environmental teacher. In the fall of 2021, Mr. Daigle, with oversight by Ms. Nolan, created the CHS Environmental Club, the first club of its kind in CMCSS. The Club now has 74 students who participate in meetings and events such as community clean-ups. 

To complete the Certification process, Mr. Daigle researched and completed a baseline account of current CHS sustainability efforts such as LED lighting, low-flow water fixtures, paper usage and maintenance procedures. After reviewing current practices, the school was able to join the Program at the silver level. 

During the ceremony, Mr. Daigle gave a short speech and said “Whenever I first took it upon myself to found the first ever environment club for CHS, I did not realize that a small high school club would be able to accomplish so much in our first few months of existence. I symbolize this ribbon cutting ceremony to serve as inspiration to the younger generation not only surrounding me, but in the entire Clarksville-Montgomery County area. I hope that my actions will serve as inspiration; that even one student in a large high school can make such an immense change. I hope that this change has a domino effect in order to ensure the future generations with a safe environment to live in.”

In addition to their work at CHS, Mr. Daigle, and students from the Environmental Club, have been attending the City of Clarksville Sustainability Board Meetings and plan to assist the Board Members in the future as they promote sustainability initiatives throughout the City and County. 

The green ribbon cutting ceremony was also attended by: Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett; Interim Director of CMCSS Dr. Angela Huff; Chief Operating Officer of CMCSS Norm Brumblay; CHS Principal Bryan Feldman; Green Certification Program Manager Carlye Sommers; Green Certification Board Members Bill Harpel, Rose Melton and Sierra Allison; and Officers of the CHS Environmental Club Avery Dueker, Maia Skinner, Lydia Lewis, Betty Kilfe, Karmina Sidhom and Carly Surgeon. 

During the ceremony, both Mayor Durrett and Dr. Huff congratulated the students and thanked them for the work they have done not only for the school but also for the community. 

2022 UPCYCLE Challenge Entry Form Now Available

Click here for the UPCYCLE Entry Form and official rules. 

TDEC Creates Waste Audit Instructional Video

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has created a short video to demonstrate how to complete a waste audit. Audits are a great way to determine how to reduce your overall waste through recycling or changing your purchasing behaviors. And remember if you aren't sure this is something you want to tackle alone, the Green Certification Program provides free waste audits to any organization. 

Click here for the video.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report

Check out the 2017 Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report to see what environmental efforts have been accomplished so far, some of the future goals, and what can be done at the residential level. The topics of air quality, energy conservation and efficiency, Stormwater management, water quality and waste reduction affect everyone who resides in Clarksville and Montgomery County. Work on the report began in fall 2014, when County Mayor Jim Durrett and City Mayor Kim McMillan agreed to have a Sustainability Task Force develop a Community Sustainability Report focused on areas that impact our local environment.