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CMC Green Certification Program

Christmas Recycling

Bi-County Solid Waste will be providing Christmas Tree recycling at the Dover Landfill and all convenience center locations. Please ensure that all decorations and tinsel have been removed before dropping off your tree. You can also recycle your wrapping and tissue paper at these locations as well.  Also, don't forget to recycle your cardboard boxes (broken down) from the holidays as well. 

Clarksville-Montgomery County Named Gold Community

Clarksville-Montgomery County has been named a Valley Sustainable Gold Community by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Previously named a Silver community in 2015, the city-county recently completed a program reevaluation. Developed in partnership with TVA and Boyette Strategic Advisors (Boyette), TVA’s Valley Sustainable Communities program works with cities and counties throughout the region to help them develop a healthy environment, a thriving community and long-term economic prosperity. In order to achieve this advancement, the local committee initiated several improvements to already existing green practices as well as created a written sustainability plan for the community moving forward.

Spearheaded by a joint effort between the Clarksville-Montgomery County Industrial Development Board and the Montgomery County Green Certification program, the advancement from Silver to Gold in the Valley Sustainable Communities Program helps our community better document, and thus improve, existing sustainability programs.

To learn more about Valley Sustainabile Communities visit the TVA website

Welcome Clarksville Country Club to the Green Certification Program


A green ribbon cutting was held on October 24th to celebrate Clarksville County Club (CCC) as the newest green organization. Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett, City of Clarksville Chief of Staff Heather Fleming, Chamber of Commerce Director Melinda Shepard, Bi-County Solid Waste Management Director David Graham, Montgomery County Public Information Officer Michelle Newell and CMCGCP Manager Carlye Sommers attended the celebration. 

Ben Jones, CCC General Manager, led the certification efforts and focused his attention on his utility usage.  “We have 16 electric meters with CDE and 5 water meters and 2 gas meters with CG&W.  I track the seasonal consumption on all these meters and compare prior months and years to determine any unusual patterns that need to be addressed.  Our combined utilities are over $100,000 per year.  Saving 10-15% on those numbers can make a big difference.”  Some of the areas of focus on utility savings include retrofitting light bulbs, energy efficient dimmers, cutting lighting and HVAC to unused areas, programmable thermostats, and turning off kitchen equipment when not needed.  

Read the entire story here.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report

Check out the 2017 Clarksville-Montgomery County Sustainability Report to see what environmental efforts have been accomplished so far, some of the future goals, and what can be done at the residential level. The topics of air quality, energy conservation and efficiency, stormwater management, water quality and waste reduction affect everyone who resides in Clarksville and Montgomery County. Work on the report began in fall 2014, when County Mayor Jim Durrett and City Mayor Kim McMillan agreed to have a Sustainability Task Force develop a Community Sustainability Report focused on areas that impact our local environment.