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Adult Probation
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Phone: 931-648-2240
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Welcome to Adult Probation

Callers unable to reach the Montgomery County Adult Probation Office at (931) 648-2240 may reach the office at (931) 245-3196.


The Adult Court Services Department enforces the orders of the General Sessions Court by providing misdemeanant offenders timely and efficient supervision, intervention and treatment services that promote public safety and client accountability.

There are three divisions of service within the department:

  • Adult Probation Services
  • Intervention Services
  • Adult Drug Court Services

Adult Probation Services

Sixteen Full-time staff and three part-time contractors comprised of eight Probation Officers; two Offender Service Officers; two Drug Court Staff; a Case Review Liaison; Secretary; Probation Aide; two Facilitators/Instructors and a Director operate the three divisions. The department also partners with colleges and universities in the placement and training of intern students.

The purpose of the Adult Probation Services program is to provide supervision services to defendants so they can successfully fulfill the orders of the court within the probationary period. An average of 1,200 misdemeanant probationers are supervised per month.

Since July 2003, over $4 million dollars has been collected through the department in fines, costs, fees, and restitution. Over $101,000 in restitution has been collected and returned to victims.

Additional services provided include case management, case coordination with other states and counties, drug testing, community referrals, job readiness classes, etc.

The department seeks to reduce the rate of recidivism.

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Intervention Services

The purpose of the Intervention Services Program division is to provide education and group intervention services to program participants so they can successfully fulfill the obligations contained in their court order and learn ways to live a life free of criminal behavior.

Facilitators are trained in the following:

  • Licensed State-Certified DUI School
  • PRIME for Life™
  • Domestic Violence Offender — Batterers’ Intervention Program—Duluth© Curriculum
  • MRT (Moral Reconation© Therapy)
  • Assessments—Substance Abuse (SAQIII, MAST, SASSI) & Domestic Violence (DVI)
  • Financial Responsibility Program
  • Thinking for Good
  • Staying Quit—Relapse Prevention
  • Anger Management

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Adult Court

The purpose of the Montgomery County Adult Recovery Court Program is to provide intense supervision, treatment referral and job placement services to participants so they can recover from their addiction, remain drug free, and reduce the costs associated with incarceration. Click here for referral form.

The Montgomery County Recovery Court program consists of four phases of progression with an anticipated participation rate of 15-18 months. Recovery Court meets weekly and participants report to court weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on their phase.

Drug Court collaborates with many community partners in the provision of services to recovery court participants and their families. The recovery court team is made up of a multi-disciplinary team committed to a non-adversarial approach to team intervention.

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