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Facilities & Maintenance
350 Pageant Lane
Suite 201
Clarksville, TN 37040

Phone: 931-648-5765 ext. 20101
Email: [email protected]

Facilities & Maintenance

Montgomery County’s Facilities & Maintenance Department is tasked with operating, maintaining and constructing over 500,000 square feet of occupied office space at roughly 30 separate campuses throughout the County. Departments and buildings served by Facilities & Maintenance include the Historic Courthouse, Courts Center, Veteran’s Plaza, Bartee Center, EMS, EMA Parks and Recreactions and Animal Control.

Facilities & Maintenance is led by Director, Marc Harris. The staff of 28 full-time employees can perform many tasks that range from custodial services to build-outs of tenant spaces and full building renovations for other departments. Their combined skill sets include plumbing, electrical and HVAC certifications. The multitude of daily, varying tasks force the department to be highly adaptive. The Department is constantly planning to protect Montgomery County’s assets through preventative maintenance actions and implementation of energy saving technology.

Any work beyond the scope of the County’s current staff and equipment is contracted out to contractors or vendors. These contracts are managed by the Facilities & Maintenance Department.