Permit Types Issued by Building and Codes

** If obtaining a permit and are on septic please provide our office with a copy of your septic file. You can find your septic information at the following website: File Search ( or contact the Department of Environment & Conservation at 615-687-7000. **

Additional Requirements for Obtaining Permits

If any of the following permits/forms are required for your project, they will need to be obtained before Montgomery County Building and Codes can issue a permit.

Minor Plat Completion

If the property is less than five acres and the property is not in a platted subdivision, please contact the Regional Planning Commission, 329 Main Street, (931) 645-7448. A minor plat of the property, recorded in the Register of Deed's office, will be required. The Planning Commission and most surveyors' offices have the information for the minor plat process. Once the process has been completed, this office will need a copy of the minor plat before a building permit will be issued. All signatures must be on the plat before a building permit can be issued.

Septic Tank Permit

Contact the Environment Groundwater office at (615-687-7000) or go to to fill out an online application. If you are looking for your septic layout, you can obtain a copy of your this yourself on the following website File Search ( (the least amount of information you enter the better results you will get).

Driveway Permit

Contact the Montgomery County Highway Department, 1213 Highway Drive, (931) 648-5740. This is for the driveway connection to the County road. If the property is located on a State Highway, contact the State Highway Garage. This office must see a copy of the Road Bond issued by the Montgomery County Highway Department before a building permit is issued.

**NOTE: This office is closed every Friday.

Adequate Facilities Tax

The Adequate Facilities Tax receipt showing “Paid in Full” is required before a building permit can be issued. The adequate Facilities Tax is paid here at the Building & Codes Department.

Survey Map of property to be built on (if the property has been subdivided).

Street Address: If in an established subdivision, contact the Regional Planning Commission at (931) 553-2420 to receive a street address. If not, Bldg. & Codes will request an address after all of the above documents are supplied.

Permit Fee Schedule:
.37 per square foot for new construction, to include double wide mobile homes.
.37 per square foot for additions, accessory buildings, and single wide mobile homes

Before an Assembly/Education or Commercial/Industrial permit is issued, we must have the following:

  • Grading, Drainage, and Erosion Control Plans if you are disturbing more than one acre.
  • Drawings, specifications, and data with the official seal of an architect or engineer registered with the State of Tennessee
  • Survey and Site Plan
  • Septic Tank Permit or City Sewage
  • Culvert/Road Damage Bond
  • Completion of a Plans Review submittal form and a Drainage Plans Review submittal form.