Required Inspections

Please have application number when calling in for the following inspections:

Slab Plumbing

All SWV pipe installed, water or air on pipes minimum of 15 minutes, sweeps exposed.

Slab Foundation

Can do slab plumbing at same time as slab foundation, need to have 6mil. poly in place and any wire, gravel placed and compacted.

Monolithic Slab

Perimeter footing exposed, gravel placed and compacted, need to have 6mil. poly in place and any wire, need ask for any plumbing in slab (if city plumbing permit have rough in approved prior to requesting.) IF COUNTY UTILITIES PLUMBING CAN DO AT THIS TIME.


Call before concrete is poured, open trench free of rock and small debris, steps placed, rebar stakes at elevation of the top of footing, if rebar in footing needs to be a minimum of 3 inches off of trench bottom.


Sill plate bolted down, girders set and full bearing, foundation vents placed within 3 feet of each building corner, at least 75% of the floor joists in, minimum of 3 nails under each floor joist, floor joist nailed to sill plate, no floor decking.

Framing #1-Structural

No exterior veneer (I.E. brick or vinyl), no house wrap, no electrical rough in, no plumbing rough in, no insulation, will be looking at wall bracing, looking all load paths, checking spans of all joist, beams, studs, and rafters.

Framing #2-Insulation

Electrical rough in approved prior to wall insulation, if Clarksville Gas and Water serviced, their rough in must be approved as well (plumbing permit will be obtained at City Building and Codes), have all insulation installed, IF COUNTY UTILITY WATER SERVICED, WE WILL INSPECT PLUMBING ROUGH IN WITH WALL INSULATION INSTALLED. If Clarksville Gas and Water services natural gas, this permit can be obtained at Clarksville City Building and Codes and must have rough in approved prior to requesting the Framing #2, wall insulation installed, must have house wrap and exterior veneer, will check for bath exhaust fan hose routed to outside (NOT SOFFIT).

Plumbing Rough In

All supply and DWV installed will do inspection at the time of framing #2 and wall insulation installed, supply lines have pressure gage at washer box, DWV has water or air on lines for at least 15 minutes.


Have electrical final approved prior to requesting final inspection, if city plumbing permit have approved prior to requesting final inspection, IF COUNTY PLUMBING PERMIT WE WILL DO AT SAME TIME AS FINAL INSPECTION, if has septic system need COC prior to issuing certificate of occupancy. If on flood lot need flood certificate prior to issuing certificate of occupancy, if city natural gas permit have final approved prior to requesting, house complete and ready to move into.


Complete trim out, all cut off's installed and traps. will do inspection at the same time as the final.

Mobile Home Setback

Need to be able to see proposed site so as to be able to check for setbacks.

Mobile Home Final

Need electrical final approved prior to requesting, all dryer vents hooked up and vented to outside, all landings/decks/guard rails/handrails installed prior to requesting, skirting installed, if septic sewer need COC prior to certificate of occupancy issued.

Pool Setback

Need to have pool site staked out or painted so as to be able to check for front, side, and rear setbacks.

Pool Final

Need to have electrical final inspection approved prior to requesting, need to have all barrier installed prior to requesting.

Please Note

  • It is the permit holders responsibility to call for above inspections and re-inspections.
  • Other Inspections may be required depending on the scope of the project.
  • No certificate of occupancy will be issued unless all required inspections have been approved, including re-inspections.
  • No final inspection will be done with personal property on premises.
  • Please post permit at the job site.