Call Before You Dig

Before any digging, alteration, modification, or construction occurs on a Montgomery County highway right-of-way, permission must be obtained from the Montgomery County Highway Department (931) 648-5740.

Driveway Permits for County Maintained Roads

The first step in obtaining a driveway permit is to call the County Highway Department, (931) 648-5740. The Highway Department will then send the Traffic Control Foreman to your proposed site to inspect for suitability of access and to determine culvert requirements.

The Highway Department will then contact you and inform you of the Traffic Control Foremans' findings. If a culvert is needed you will then be notified of the size required. At this time you may you may apply for your driveway permit at the County Highway department located at 1213 Highway Drive, between 6:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

For driveways requiring a culvert you will pay a deposit on a bond according to the size of the culvert required. If a culvert is not needed there will be a $250 frontage fee. After you have finished all work and the driveway is completed, your installation will be reinspected. If the reinspection results are satisfactory the deposit will be returned.

***Please Note - The driveway must be completed before it will be reinspected.