Frequently Asked Questions


When do I need a building permit?

Whenever a person wishes to construct, alter, repair, enlarge, move, renovate, demolish, or permanently place any building, or structure.

What can I do about my neighbor's "junky" residence?

Contact Montgomery County Building and Codes at (931) 648-5718 to make a complaint for any property within the county limits. For properties within the city limits, call City Building and Codes at (931) 645-7426.

How do I determine what my property is zoned?

The most accurate contact would be the Regional Planning Commission at (931) 645-7448.

How do I apply for a septic permit?

To apply for a septic permit you can contact the State office of Environment and Conservation at 615-678-7000 or online at Septic Service Request (

Is a burn permit required in the County?

Yes, contact the Forestry Service at 387-2095 or 1-800-367-3507.

How do I get my property rezoned?

Contact the Regional Planning Commission at (931) 645-7448

Where do I obtain an electrical permit if I live in the County?

 Where can I obtain a book that contains all building codes for Montgomery County?

Contact the ICC (International Code Council) at 1-800-877-2224 to obtain any or all of the 2012 International Code Books.

Do I need to have a permit for my above ground pool?

Yes, the fee is a set $50.00 first you will need to apply for a barrier permit. You will also need to obtain an electric permit and a copy of your septic tank layout showing field lines from Environmental Groundwater if you have a septic tank. Contact the Environment Groundwater office at (615-687-7000) or you can obtain it yourself on the following website File Search ( (the least amount of information you enter the better results you will get).

Where do I obtain a plumbing permit if I live in the County?

If you are serviced by anyone other than the Clarksville Gas and Water you would need to come to our office to pull a plumbing permit.

What do I need to do about demolishing an old house on my property?

Download and complete the Application for a Demolition Permit. Submit the Application to the Building and Codes Department.

What information do I need to obtain a residential building permit?

View this form titled "How to obtain a residential permit".

Is it okay to convert the bonus room into a bedroom?

Converting other rooms of a house into sleeping rooms is not permitted unless the emergency egress window, smoke detector and septic system (if applicable) requirements are met.

When constructing an addition, when do I need inspections?

A footing/slab inspection is required before you pour concrete. Foundation inspection is required after blockes are laid and sill plate is anchored. DO NOT cover with decking until this inspection has been approved. Framing and rough-in inspections are required before you install drywall. Final inspections are required when all work has been completed. The Building and Codes Department will issue a certificate of occupancy after the work has been completed and passed all required inspections.

Is it okay to remove the handrails from the steps?

No. Handrails are required where more than four or more risers and removal constitutes a violation of the code. Handrails are important to people's safety and should not be removed.

Can a fence be on the property line?

There are no setback requirements for fences-but please take care not to encroach upon your neighbor's property, on a drainage or utility easement, or the public right of way. A building permit is also not required in order to construct a fence. The Building and Codes Department can assist you in determining if easements are located on your property.

Can I obtain my own permits?

Yes. A homeowner may obtain his or her own building or plumbing permits.

How do I know if I'm dealing with a reputable contractor?

  • Are they licensed? Tennessee law requires that a general contractor or home improvement contractor be licensed. Ask to see a license certificate.
  • Do they have insurance? In most cases, state law requires that they carry workers compensation insurance. Ask to see their certificate of insurance.
  • Ask to see some identification. Be sure you know the correct name of the individual you are dealing with, their address, and telephone number(s).
  • Make absolutely sure they obtain the required building permits-and call for and pass the required codes inspections. Make sure the building permit is in hand before the work begins, and be sure you are furnished with a certificate of occupancy issued by the Building and Codes Department, before making a final payment.

What is the number for Tennessee One-Call?

Before you dig call Tennessee One Call at 1-800-351-1111


Adequate Facilities Tax

Do I have to pay this tax?

The tax has to be paid before any residential building permits can be issued. You may after paying the tax request an appeal in writing within (30) days to protest the payment. A date will be scheduled within forty-five days of the written request for appeal.

Where do I pay this tax?

First portion (Lot AFT) will be paid at the time the deed, minor plat, or subdivision is registered and will be paid at the Register of Deeds office. Parcels over 5 acres will be paid at Montgomery County Building and Codes.

Second portion (Dwelling AFT) will be paid at Montgomery County Building and Codes before pulling building permits for the city or county.

How much is the AFT?

First portion (Lot AFT) is $500.00 per lot.
Second portion (Dwelling AFT) $500.00 per dwelling
AFT has a yearly increase of 6% every July 1st until 2016.

What information do I need to bring with me?

  • Receipt that shows lot tax has been paid.
  • Tax card or recorded deed and previous deed to show lot remained in original state.
  • Street address (if a corner lot, must provide location of driveway access to determine street address).

Who is exempt from this tax?

This tax does not apply to: non profit corporations, non residential facilities, place of worship, public buildings, replacement structures, lots platted prior to 7-1-04, any lot previously paid, or any permanent residential structure replacing mobile homes.

Who can pay this tax?

Anyone can pay this tax with the understanding that it is applied to the lot /dwelling of the parcel paid for, and is not transferable to another lot/dwelling.

Can I pay this tax before I own the property?

You will need to have all the information required and understand that if you do not purchase this property or if a contractor decides not to take the job, these fees will not be refunded.

Why do I have to pay AFT at County Building and Codes when I will be pulling a city building permit?

The house bill #3555, page 4, section 9 requires the County Building Commissioner to collect the portion for dwellings for the county and must certify that this had been paid in full, before a building permit can be issued by the City of Clarksville.