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Montgomery County Veterans Plaza
350 Pageant Lane, Suite 101-B
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Phone: (931) 648-5717
Fax: (931) 553-5132
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Hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Saturdays in Feb., 8:30 a.m.-Noon

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I pay my taxes?
Click here for our Payments and Branches page
What does the term "EtUx", "EtVir" and "EtAl" on the property tax notice mean?
"EtUx" is a Latin phrase meaning "and wife." The phrase "EtVir" means "and husband", "EtAl" means "and others."
My Name and/or Address are incorrect. What needs to be done?
You can contact the Assessor's Office at 931-648-5709 to get this resolved.
What is the Montgomery County property tax rate?
The 2013 tax rate is $3.14 per hundred dollars of assessed value.
How do I calculate my taxes?
To calculate the amount of your taxes, first multiply the total appraised value by the properties classification (see chart below), then divide by 100, then multiply by the tax rate. Using a $50,000 appraised value as an example:

$50,000 X 25% (Residential) = $12,500 Asessed Value

The assessed value of property is a percentage of the total appraisal. The percentage used above is based on the use of the property:
Residential - 25%
Commercial - 40%
Industrial - 40%
Personal - 30%
Farm - 25%
Public Utilities - 55%

Contact the Assessor's Office for questions on property classification and assessment values at: (931) 648-5709. Go to the County Property Tax Calculator
When are Montgomery County Property taxes due?
Taxes are due the first Monday in October through the last day of February of the following year without interest charges.
My mortgage company pays my taxes. What do I do with the notice?
Tax information may be forwarded to your mortgage company.
Can I make partial payments?
Partial payments can be made on the current year's property taxes, as long as taxes are paid in full by the February due date. Five equal payments may be made October through February.
Do I pay City and County Taxes?
If your property is located within the city limits of Clarksville, you will pay both city and county taxes. If your property is located outside the city limits of Clarksville, you will only pay county taxes.
How does filing Bankruptcy affect my taxes?
Upon receiving a bankruptcy notice, a deputy in the Trustee's office files a claim. Taxes are generally paid in installments approved by the Bankruptcy Court. Under federal law, the Trustee is prohibited from taking any action in collecting realty and personal property taxes, until the bankruptcy is dismissed or discharged.
Can I pay my county property taxes with a debit or credit card?
As a result of the passage of the Electronic Commerce Act of 2000, the County Trustee's Office is now approved to accept Debit/Credit cards for payment of county property taxes; however, if court fees are assessed, we CANNOT accept Debit/Credit cards. Currently Visa and MasterCard are accepted; however, a processing fee is charged to cover the cost of processing. You will need to make your payment in person or online at