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Suggested Reading List for Grade 6

Listed by: Author; Title; Call Number

  • Alcott, Louisa May;  Little Women; JF Alc
  • Armstrong, William H.;  Sounder; JF Arm (Newberry)
  • Avi;  The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle; JF Avi
  • Avi;  What Do Fish Have to Do With Anything; JF Avi
  • Babbitt, Natalie;  Tuck Everlasting; JF Bab
  • Bauer, Marion;  On My Honor; JF Bau
  • Beatty, Patricia;  That’s One Ornery Orphan; JF Bea
  • Bedard, Michael;  The Divide; J 928 Cather, Willa
  • Bloor, Edward;  Tangerine; JF Blo
  • Blume, Judy;  Tiger Eyes; JF Blu
  • Burnett, Frances;  The Secret Garden; JF Bur, YF Bur
  • Byars, Betsy;  The Pinballs; JF Bya
  • Carroll, Lewis;  Alice in Wonderland; JF Car
  • Coman, Carolyn;  What Jamie Saw; JF Com
  • Cooney, Carolyn B.;  Drivers Ed: JF Coo, YF Coo
  • Cooper, Alan;  The Dark is Rising; JF Coo
  • Curtis, Christopher;  The Watsons Go to Burmingham—1963; JF Cur
  • de Angeli, Marguerite;  The Door in the Wall; JF de A (Newberry)
  • Defoe, Daniel;  Robinson Crusoe; JF Def
  • DuBois, William;  The Twenty-One Balloons; JF DuB (Newberry)
  • Fleischman, Paul;  Graven Images; JF Fle
  • Forbes, Esther;  Johnny Tremain; JF For (Newberry)
  • Fox, Paula;  One Eyed Cat; JF Fox (Newberry)
  • Fox, Paula;  The Slave Dancer; JF Fox (Newberry)
  • George, Jean;  My Side of the Mountain; JF Geo
  • Giff, Patricia Reilly;  Lily’s Crossing; YF Gif, JF Gif
  • Gipson, Fred;  Old Yeller; JF Gip
  • Hinton, S. E.;  Tex; YAC F Hin
  • Hunt, Irene;  Across Five Aprils; YF Hun/JF Hun
  • Hunt, Irene;  Up A Road Slowly; JF Hun (Newberry)
  • Kipling, Rudyard;  The Jungle Book; JF Kip
  • Konigsburg, E.L.;  From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankeweiler; JF Kon (Newberry)
  • Lawson, Robert;  Ben and Me; JF Law
  • L’Engle, Madeline;  A Wrinkle In Time; JF L’En (Newberry)
  • L’Engle, Madeline;  A Swiftly Tilting Planet; JF L’En, YF L’En
  • Lowry, Lois;  The Giver; JF Low (Newberry)
  • Lowry, Lois;  Number the Stars; JF Low (Newberry)
  • Mazer, Harry;  The Island Keeper; JF Maz
  • McKinley, Robin;  The Blue Sword; JF McK
  • Montgomery, L.M.;  Anne of Green Gables; JF Mon
  • Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds;  Shiloh; JF Nay (Newberry)
  • Nixon, Joan Lowry;  Circle of Love; YF Nix
  • O’Dell, Scott;  Island of the Blue Dolphins; JF O’De, YF O’De (Newberry)
  • Paterson, Katherine;  Bridge to Terabithia; JF Pat (Newberry)
  • Paterson, Katherine;  Jacob Have I Loved; JF Pat (Newberry)
  • Paterson, Katherine;  The Great Gilly Hopkins; JAC F Pat
  • Paulsen, Gary;  Brian’s Winter; YF Pau
  • Paulsen, Gary;  Hatchet; JF Pau
  • Pfeffer, Susan Beth;  Portraits of Little Women (series); JF Pfe
  • Porter, Tracey;  Treasures in the Dust; JF Por
  • Raskin, Ellen;  The Westing Game; JF Ras (Newberry)
  • Rawlings, Marjorie;  The Yearling; JF Raw
  • Salisbury, Graham;  Under the Blood Red Sun; YF Sal
  • Selden, George;  The Cricket in Times Square; JF Sel
  • Snyder, Zilpha;  Cat Running; JF Sny
  • Snyder, Zilpha;  Gib Rides Home; JF Sny
  • Snyder, Zilpha;  The Gypsy Game; JF Sny
  • Speare, Elizabeth;  The Sign of the Beaver; JF Spe
  • Speare, Elizabeth;  The Witch of Blackbird Pond; JF Spe (Newberry)
  • Sperry, Armstrong;  Call It Courage; JF Spe (Newberry)
  • Taylor, Mildred D.;  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry; JF Tay (Newberry)
  • Ullman, James;  Banner in the Sky; JF Ull
  • Voigt, Cynthia;  Homecoming; JF Voi
  • White, Ruth;  Belle Prater’s Boy; JF Whi
  • Woodson, Jacqueline;  I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This; JF Woo