Surrendering Your Pet

Before you Surrender a Pet

Surrendering your pet is a tremendously stressful time not only for the family but for the pet most of all. When a pet arrives at the shelter it has no idea why it is there and it becomes very stressful for the animal. We do understand that situations arise and families are left with little to no other options for finding a new home for their pet. We do ask pet owners who may need to surrender their pet to please try to exhaust all other options in trying to rehome, locate a rescue, or find a temporary home for your pet.

Pet Assistance

  • Info on food bank
  • Info on training and trainers
  • Info on rescues

Owner Assistance

  • Info on spaying/neutering
  • Info on pet-friendly hotels, rentals, and shelters

Canine and Feline Surrender

When surrendering your canine, contact Montgomery County Animal Care and Control to schedule an appointment. All surrenders get scheduled two weeks in advance. This ensures our staff has a sufficient team presence on this day. This timeframe will also help us find a new home for your surrendered friend.

If surrendering a cat, please make sure it is in a cat carrier when you come to the shelter.

To save time, please complete the online behavior assessment form. It will save valuable time when you arrive at the shelter. We also ask that you bring any toys, bedding, or other items your pet is familiar with to make their stay less stressful.

Owner Surrender Informational Packet

Owner Surrender Rescue Contacts

Pet Behavior Assessment Form

Owner Surrender Fees By Appointment Only 
Dog Owner Surrender$30.00Puppy Under 4 Months$10.00
Cat Owner Surrender$30.00Kittens Under 4 Months$10.00
Each Additional Puppy/Kitten Under 3 Months$5.00ea.Each Additional Puppy/Kitten Over 4 Months$10.00 ea.
Other Domestic Animal (rabbit, bird, etc.)$10.00Owner Requested Euthanasia Under 40lbs.$35.00