Dangerous Dog List

The Dangerous Dog list is compromised of those dogs that have been involved in a dog bite or dog attack incident with another domestic animal or person in Montgomery County.  All dog bites and aggressive dog attacks are investigated as potentially dangerous dog situations and once the investigation is completed a dog may be deemed dangerous as outlined in the Montgomery County Animal Control Regulations.  Once a dog has been declared dangerous specific guidelines and regulations are placed on that particular dog and its owner.  Guidelines and regulations may include requiring the dog to be spayed or neutered, microchipped, and wear a muzzle while off of its property, to requiring dogs to be confined within a specifically designed outdoor kennel.  

Once a dog is deemed dangerous the declaration is valid for 18 months from the date the dog was deemed dangerous.  Once the 18-month period has expired and no other incidents have occurred during those 18 months, the dog is removed from the dangerous dog list and the specific requirements are no longer valid, except spaying/neutering and microchip requirements.

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