Programs and Services


Montgomery County Animal Care and Control are committed to educating our community on responsible pet ownership, the importance of spaying/neutering, and how to handle aggressive or dangerous animals. Education always begins in our early stages which is why we feel it is important to start educating children at a young age.


Montgomery County Animal Care and Control require all pets that are adopted or reclaimed through MCACC to be microchipped before they go home. Microchips provide an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring your pet will be returned to you if it should ever become loose. Microchips only store a specifically assigned number to that chip, when an officer scans your pet with an ID scanner, it will find that chip number. Depending on the chip number the officer can then contact that chip manufacturer to locate the pet owner that registered that chip. After we have located the owner we can contact them and hopefully return the pet before it even enters the shelter.

We strongly recommend all pet owners frequently update their pet's microchip information. We often see pet owners who have moved, changed phone numbers, separated spouses, or have sold the pet and not changed the chip information. By not keeping your information updated causes unnecessary delays in returning or pet or in the worst case scenario, your pet never being reunited with you due to not keeping information current.

We often hold microchip clinics at the shelter where we offer microchip implanting at a reduced cost to the pet owners. Please contact us to find out when our next clinic will be held.