New Shelter Progress

MCACC New Shelter Progress

In 2018 Montgomery County realized that the current shelter located at 616 N. Spring St. was facing many challenges from overcrowding, which was leading to increased health concerns for animals in our care as well as increased euthanasia rates.  The current shelter was also suffering from a poor air quality system and building maintenance issues from leaky roofs to crumbling kennel walls.  After the arrival of current Director Dave Kaske it was determined that Montgomery County Animal Care and Control was in serious need of a new, state of the art shelter to ensure the welfare of our animals as well as achieve the ultimate goal of MCACC, which is to become a “No Kill” shelter.  

In 2019 the Best Friends Humane Society as well as the University of Florida both conducted shelter assessments of MCACC.  Those assessments further confirmed the need for a new shelter that met the current minimum shelter standards for kennel size, cleaning protocols, air quality systems, and to achieve the goal of becoming a “No Kill” shelter.  The 2019 Fiscal Budget saw the introduction of capital funds to purchase the necessary property to sustain a new shelter and the search quickly began.

UPDATE:  Montgomery County Animal Care and Control has contracted with Mike Barnhard Shelter Planners of America (SPOA) in coordination with local architect, John Clark of J Clark Architecture & Design LLC to complete the design of a new state of the art Animal Control Facility.  

We have also secured a location located at the corner of Jordan Rd. and Warfield Blvd. just west of the Ft. Campbell Blvd. and 374 interchange.  This location, as many of you may or may not know is the current site of the new North Branch Library as well.  We will be partnering at this location to bring barks and books to our community.  Shelter Planners has provided an initial assessment for our new shelter and it is estimated to be between 21,000 to 22,000 square feet in size.  To give a comparison, our current shelter is just over 7,000 square feet, so the new shelter will be 3 times larger than our current facility.