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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
1030-B Cumberland Heights Rd.
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Phone: (931) 648-5732
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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Montgomery County Parks & Recreation Department is to develop and maintain quality parks and facilities; preserve open space and natural areas; protect environmental resources; promote healthy lifestyles; and provide recreational opportunities for all visitors and residents of Montgomery County.

Issue Statements

  • The dramatic population growth in Montgomery County is leading to significant increases in the demand for County services, which challenges County government to expand and update facilities to keep up with growing and changing needs.
  • The public perception that the County does not properly plan and communicate its facilities needs results in a lack of needed support to maintain, update and expand existing and future facilities.
  • Custodial and facility maintenance staffing levels are below recommended industry standards, resulting in delayed preventive maintenance, increased health and safety risks, and higher than projected maintenance costs.

Goal Statements

  • By June 2010, the Director will make one of four parks Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, with each park complying each sequel year.
  • By June 2012, the Director will address 100 % of all health & safety issues as identified by the Parks and Recreation Technical Advisory Service.
  • By 2010, the County Building Maintenance Department will maintain all of the Parks & Recreation facilities according to the Parks preventive maintenance schedule developed by the Director.
  • By, July 2011, the Parks and Recreation department will plan, develop and provide new recreational opportunities to better serve the community needs.

Park Services

Parks and Recreation provides clean, safe and well-maintained parks and facilities for the citizens of Montgomery County. As a service to our community, we provide the following services:

  • Post reservations
  • Collect rental fees
  • Receive work orders
  • Communicate with county & city government entities, community groups, civic organizations, businesses & customers
  • Inform the public about the department
  • Inspect facilities
  • Seek alternative funding
  • Attend training sessions
  • Develop, plan & implement recreation program
  • Hire staff
  • Train staff
  • Collect recreation fees
  • Evaluate program
  • Provide opportunities to include our local business, schools, community groups and civic organizations in our activities and events

Parks and Recreation Operations Program

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Operations Program is to provide Parks and Recreation services to visitors and citizens of Montgomery County so they can enjoy clean, safe, usable, and well-maintained park facilities and recreation opportunities.

Performance Measures


  • Percent of facilities that are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant (GOAL 1)
  • Percent of safety inspections completed without finding a safety violation (GOAL 2)
  • Percent of accident reports where injury can be attributed to the facility (GOAL 2)
  • Percent of facility fees refunded due to complaints about condition, appearance and/or cleanliness of the facility (GOAL 3)
  • Ratio: Number of acres per 1,000 county residents (GOAL 4)


  • Number of facilities maintained (GOAL 1)
  • Number of safety inspections completed (GOAL 2)
  • Number of accident reports completed (GOAL 2)
  • Number of complaints responded to (GOAL 3)
  • Number of acres utilized for parks and recreation activities (GOAL 4)


  • Number of facilities required to be maintained (GOAL 1)
  • Number of safety inspections required (GOAL 2)
  • Number of accidents reported (GOAL 2)
  • Number of complaints received (GOAL3)
  • Number of acres of park land (GOAL 4)


  • Park & Recreation expenditures per capita (per Montgomery County resident)
  • Expenditure per park acre