Rules and Regulations

The following is a comprehensive list of all rules and regulations for Montgomery County Parks. These are in addition to rules posted at each park.

  • Abandonment of any vehicle or other personal property is prohibited in a park area.
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails, with the exception of maintenance vehicles of the Montgomery County, authorized contractors and motorized wheel chairs.
  • All operators of motor vehicles in parks must conform to all traffic rules and regulations of the State of Tennessee.
  • The speed limit in all parks and recreation areas is 15 M.P.H. unless otherwise posted.
  • Operating a motor vehicle in areas other than established roadways, parking areas, or designated routes is prohibited.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages within park and recreation areas is prohibited.
  • Engaging in or soliciting any business in a park or recreation area except in accordance with the provisions of a permit, contract, or other written agreement with the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department is prohibited.
  • Commercial peddling and soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited. This rule shall not apply to transactions with authorized concessionaires within the park or recreation facility.
  • Sports events, pageants, reenactments, regattas, entertainments and the like, characterized as public spectator attractions, are prohibited without the prior written approval of the Director.
  • No park or facility within a park with the exception of picnic shelters and athletic facilities may be reserved for the exclusive use of an individual or group. All play equipment, parking areas, and other amenities are for the use of the public at large.
  • No person shall erect any structure, stand, or platform, or hold any organized sponsored athletic contest in any park or recreation area without the written approval of the Director. This provision does not prohibit informal games or athletic activities such as casual matches, scrimmages, pick-up games etc.
  • Construction of any building, structure, utility or any other entity upon, across, over, through, or under any park area, except in accordance with the provisions of a valid permit and contract and with the written approval of the Director is prohibited.
  • Camping, whether tent, trailer, or other types of units, is prohibited in all parks, except with the written approval of the Director. Such approval shall be given only in unique situations, i.e. Boy Scout/Girl Scout overnight group camp out.
  • The creation of any fire in any park outside a specifically designed picnic grill, fireplace or other similarly designed enclosure is prohibited without the written permission of the Director.
  • Only approved material may be used in the creation of such fires. No live plant material may be used for the creation of any fire.
  • The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all Parks and Recreational Buildings, playgrounds, bleachers and on athletic fields. Tobacco products are allowed in open park areas.
  • All garbage, papers, cans, bottles, and waste material of any kind must be disposed of only in provided trash receptacles, or removed from site.
  • Anyone not removing all trash and debris, which that person or groups have created or allowed to accumulate, shall be guilty of littering.
  • Using the public waste containers for dumping of household or commercial garbage or trash brought as such from off premises, except for trash reasonably incidental to a visit to a park or recreational facility is prohibited.
  • Depositing of any bodily waste in or on any portion of any restroom facility or other public structure except into fixtures provided for that purpose is prohibited. Placing any item in any of the plumbing fixtures in such a station or facility for the purpose of interfering with or blocking the plumbing is prohibited. All restroom facilities shall be used in a clean and sanitary manner.
  • Polluting or contaminating in any manner any watershed or water supply is prohibited.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to carry or discharge or otherwise use a firearm of any description, explosive substance, firework, air or gas gun, bow, crossbow, or other missile throwing device, pistol, switchblade or hunting knife, dagger, metal knuckles, slingshot, boomerang, or other dangerous weapon within the park. The possession of such objects or implements is prohibited unless they are unarmed and adequately cased in such a way as to prevent their use while in the park area. Exception: Valid handgun carry permit holders.
  • No person shall disturb, tend to disturb, or aid in disturbing the peace of others by violent, tumultuous, offensive, or obstreperous conduct.
  • The playing of any of the devices designated to produce, reproduce or amplify sound in such a manner as to unreasonably annoy persons within the park is prohibited.
  • The operation or use of public address systems, whether fixed, portable, or vehicle mounted is prohibited except when such use or operation is in connection with public gatherings, athletic or special events, which have been approved by the Director.
  • The intentional or wanton destruction, defacement, or removal of any natural or cultural feature or non-renewable natural resource is prohibited without specific written permission from the Director.
  • The intentional or wanton destruction, injury, defacement, removal or disturbance in any manner of any public buildings, signs, equipment, monument, marker, or other structure or of any relic, artifact, historic structure or of any other similar public property is prohibited. The unauthorized possession of park equipment is prohibited without the written permission of the Director.
  • The gathering or collecting of natural products of a renewable living resource such as plant material for personal use or for commercial sale is prohibited. The destroying, digging, cutting, removing, or possession of any tree, shrub, or other plant is prohibited without a permit granted by the Director.
  • No person shall molest, kill, wound, hunt, or remove any animal, reptile, bird, or eggs of such animals.
  • Pets or other animals in the park shall be kept confined or in direct control in accordance with city and county ordinances. Pets that become a nuisance, sanitation problem or threat must be removed from the park.
  • Horses and other saddled animals are not allowed on any park property.
  • The Director may close or otherwise restrict the use of any park or recreation facility when necessary to protect life or property, or for any other emergency. Such restricted area shall be defined, whenever practicable, by signs, markers, and through public notice.
  • Opening and closing hours for all parks and recreation areas shall be from dawn till dusk unless specifically posted otherwise, or after regularly scheduled events requiring lights, in which case the closing hour shall be extended until the conclusion of the event.
  • Entering or leaving any park or recreation facility except at established entranceways or exits is prohibited. Presence in any park or recreational facility other than during posted operating hours is prohibited.
  • We do not allow any unmanned aircrafts to be flown in our county parks without written permissions from the Parks Director. This is in accordance to the FAA regulations pertaining to National Parks (Under 36 CFR 1.5).
  • No person shall disobey the lawful and reasonable order of a park employee in the discharge of his/her duties, or disobey or disregard the notices, prohibitions, instructions, rules or regulations on any park sign.
  • The Department of Parks and Recreation shall have the authority to make additional rules and regulations as is necessary to insure the orderly growth and protection of the park, recreation and natural resource areas under its control consistent with and in furtherance of the intent of this resolution.
  • Written approval from the Director may be denied based on the following: (a) a prior application for the same time and place has been made which has been or will be granted; or (b) the event will present a clear and present danger to the public health or safety; or the event will cause a nuisance and disturbance to a significant number of other users of the park; or the event is of such nature or duration that it cannot reasonably be accommodated in the particular park area applied for.
  • The Director shall be the final authority in enforcement of rules and regulations relating to the park, recreation, natural resources, historical, and cultural areas of Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Conservation Board shall be the appeal authority in cases where the decision of the Director is in dispute. The Director shall file an appeal in writing with the Conservation Board within 10 days of the rendering of a final decision. The Conservation Board shall render their decision at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The failure of the Conservation Board to render a decision shall result in the appeal going to Montgomery County Commission for rendering of decision.

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Any violation of these rules and regulations for the care and management of such properties as may be made under the authority of T.C.A. 11-24-112 and the appropriate code of Montgomery County governing the appropriate violation, shall be subject to enforcement by a civil penalty of not more than $50 for each violation.