Rental Requests

To request rental of Fields, Pavilions, and Park Facilities, please fill out the associated form.

Request Forms

Park Ball Field This form is for reserving time on the Ball Fields at Civitan, RichEllen, and Woodlawn Park.
Park Pavilion/Shelter This form is for reserving Pavilions/Shelters at Rotary, Civitan, and Woodlawn Park, as well as the RichEllen Banquet Hall and Fredonia Community Center.
South Guthrie Community Center This form is for reserving the South Guthrie Community Center for events.
Cumberland Heights Gym This form is for reserving Cumberland Heights Gym for events.
Cumberland Heights Dinning Hall This form is for reserving the Cumberland Heights Dinning Hall for events.

All fees can be paid at:

Montgomery County Parks & Recreation

1030-B Cumberland Heights Rd. 
Clarksville, TN 37040

*checks are made payable to Montgomery County Trustee

Payments may also be made over the phone with a Visa or Mastercard.