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Spring Summer Guide

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Penny during Turtle Time


Buggie eating her weekly meal

Midsummer Magic, Celebrating the Summer Solstice in the Enchanted Woods

Join us at Rotary Park for a special event in collaboration with the Clarksville Arts and Heritage Council on June 20th from 7-9 PM. The Celtic band Red River Breeze will fill the woods with folk music while you stroll along to discover the Fairy and Troll House Villages! Arts for Hearts is organizing special DIY workshops in June that will focus on guiding participants to create their own fairy houses, which are small, whimsical structures often associated with fantasy and folklore, designed to be placed in wooded areas. A special monologue will be performed by the Roxy Regional Theatre and fairy snacks will be provided! More details to come!

Two ways to participate:

1. Attend one of the workshops where you'll be guided through the process of making your fairy or troll house.

-June 1, 1-3 pm, led by Nature Center Staff

-June 8, 10 am-12 pm, led by Arts for Hearts

-June 8, 1-3 pm, led by Arts for Hearts

Register for a class here:

2. If you can't attend the workshop, you can still create your own house independently (within the guidelines) and then place it during a specific timeframe provided by Parks and Recreation.

Fairy/Troll House Guidelines:

Houses must be placed in the woods between 10am and 5pm (2 hours before the event) on June 20th. Staff will also place any houses delivered to the Nature Center between June 17th and 18th at 2308 Rotary Park Drive.

Participants are to retrieve their fairy house only after the completion of the event on June 20th AFTER 9PM. They may also be picked up the following day, June 21st. Houses left after this time will be removed and discarded.

-Houses must not exceed one foot in any dimension.

-Materials used must be securely attached to prevent wildlife hazards.

-Houses must include at least one battery-operated light for illumination.

-Houses may not be constructed using any materials harmful to wildlife, including fishing line, food, toxic or flammable substances.

Montgomery County Parks and Recreation is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss to any houses placed in the woods for the event.

Nature Camp

This 5-day camp offers an opportunity for your child to live out a day in the life of a zoologist, botanist, geologist, entomologist, and ichthyologist. Participants will learn and participate in a new nature adventure each day. There are 2 sessions daily, 8:30am-12pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm.  The $50 fee includes snacks, materials and a t-shirt!

  • Monday | Botany: Plants
  • Tuesday | Geology: Rocks
  • Wednesday | Entomology: Insects
  • Thursday | Zoology: Animals
  • Friday | Ichthyology and Herpetology: Fish & Reptiles

Please remember to bring a water bottle, bug spray and sunscreen daily!

Registration opens March 1st: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation ( 

*If a camper cancels thirty (30) days prior to the session, 100% of the rental fee will be returned.  Cancelation within 30 days of the session will not be refunded. 


Wilderness Survival Camp

This camp is 5 days of learning survival skills in the wilderness! There are 2 sessions daily, 8:30am-12pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm.  The $50 fee includes snacks, materials and a t-shirt!


  • Survival Kit assembly
  • Psychology of Survival
  • Shelter Construction
  • Wilderness First aid
  • Signaling Techniques
  • Fire Starting
  • Water Procurement and Processing

Please bring a reusable water bottle daily. 

Registration opens March 1st: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation ( 

*If a camper cancels thirty (30) days prior to the session, 100% of the rental fee will be returned.  Cancelation within 30 days of the session will not be refunded. 


2024 Community Garden Schedule

April 17, 10 AM -12 PM

May 1, 15, 29, 10 AM -12 PM

June & July, Summer camps take over garden maintenance

July 31, 9 AM - 11AM

August 10, 24, 9 AM-11 AM

September 14, 28, 9 AM-11 AM

October 12, 9 AM-11AM

Garden located to the left of the Nature Center, long pants, sun protection and water suggested.

To receive information on daily tasks/updates, please register @

2024 Monarch Larva Monitoring Project Schedule

Wednesdays, April 17-May29, 12 PM-1PM

June & July, Summer camps take over larva counting

Wednesdays, July 31-October 9, 11 AM-12 PM

The MONARCH LARVA MONITORING PROJECT (MLMP) involves volunteers around the world in monarch research.  It was developed in 1997 by researchers at the University of Minnesota to collect long-term data on larval monarch populations and milkweed habitat.  Learning to monitor is only the beginning; your observations and data collection activities will invoke awareness of and curiosity about the local environment. Volunteers communicate with monarch scientists regarding their questions and concerns through email. All data are compiled by scientists and made available to volunteers and other researchers. By participating in the MLMP, you’ll see your direct contribution to an increased understanding of the monarch population.

For FREE online training on what we are doing, visit here: Online Training:  

Study Area: Butterfly Gardens @ 2308 Rotary Park Drive, left-hand side of the Nature Center

Long pants and sleeves suggested.  15 and older please, counting is a difficult task that requires patience and gentle handling of live plants and insects. 

To receive information on daily tasks/updates, please register @

DIY Garden Series

Native plants and insects are incredibly significant to the health of our environment. These species produce oxygen, clean water, act as flood and pest control, pollinate the majority of our food crops, and control carbon storage. We are currently losing so many of these species that our local ecosystem is becoming seriously compromised. This series focuses on different areas of gardening including: native gardening, winter sowing, gardening for your space, and growing your soil. Intended for all ages.

This program includes a presentation, outside tour (weather pending) and seeds for your home garden.

  • May 7, 5-6PM, Raised Beds and Container Gardening.
  • May 22, 5-6PM, Vegetable Garden Basics

Register here:


DIY Workshop, Tiny Terrariums

  • May 17, 4:30 to 6 PM

Come to the Nature Center to learn how to make a terrarium in almost any kind of container! We will supply the plants, soil, fairy garden sculptures, ect. You bring a clear container to plant in. There will be an artist onsite to assist with making oven baked personalized sculptures for inclusion in your terrarium. The container can be new, used or recycled, with or without a lid. This is a great way to relax at the end of the week and get your hands on some green plants in the winter!

Free: Registration is required.

Orienteering Meet!

Register to participate in the first ever orienteering meet at Rotary Park with the Nashville Orienteering Club!  

Time Frame: Participants should arrive between 10 am and 1 pm to check-in at the pavilion, participants must complete the course and be back at the registration pavilion no later than 4 pm. Advance registration is required. 

Compasses will be provided to those who need to borrow. 

When checking out, please indicate which level you are interested in competing at. If you are registered for the clinic, you do not need to register separately for the meet, you may compete in the beginner course.

Meet Registration here: 

Turtle Time!

  • May 2, 7, 14, 16, 21, 23, 30, 1:30-2 PM

Our new Eastern Box Turtle, Penny, will be outside for exercise today in the field in front of the Nature Center every Tuesday and Thursday. She is a fast tiny turtle and will certainly put on a show! Sometimes our animals hide while inside of their enclosures, but Penny will 100% be out and running around. 

This is a drop-in, free, event. No registration required.  If the weather is undesirable, we will move her exercise pen inside the Nature Center.


Survival Skills for Families

This new 90 minute program is designed to empower families with the skills needed to survive wilderness emergency situations.  Whether you are going on vacation to the woods, beach or a backyard, the skills will teach you to save yourself and show you how rescue teams operate.  This is most beneficial when the whole family can attend.  Children under 4 are welcome, however, the content and timeframe may not be sustainable, please use your best judgment.  This program will take place inside the Nature Center using simulated situational tools and supplies. 

  • May 4, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • August 3, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • September 7, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • October 5, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • November 2, 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Register here: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation (


Story Tails

Every 3rd Saturday of the month the Nature Center will hold "Story Tails," a program promoting literacy to children by creating a wonder for the natural world. Each session will include the reading of 2-3 nature books, songs, games and, activities! Sessions will be held inside and/or outside, depending on the weather. This program is for children ages 1-6 and the special needs community. The program runs from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm, snacks provided. 

  • May 18
  • June 15
  • July 20

Register here: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation ( 

Bird Watching

Join us to learn the basics of bird watching, or hear from the pro's on their tips! This is intended for birders of all abilities, weather brand new to watching birds or seasoned pros. We will meet at the nature center at 8:30 and get an idea of where people would like to walk to for the day from a selection of birding sites. If you have any ADA accommodations, please let us know so we can select an appropriate site to access!

  • May 17
  • June 21
  • August 16
  • September 20
  • October 18

We have NEW binoculars for checkout or you can bring your own.

Topics covered:

-Binocular operation (as needed)

-Bird identification

-Best birding practices

-Field guide usage

Afterwards, wander the park and trails, or relax on our viewing deck! Suitable for 8+.

Drop in or register:

Binocular Check-Out

The Wade Bourne Nature Center Foundation is generously sponsoring the new binocular checkout program.  Simply fill out a request with your preferred time and day and you can pick them up from the Nature Center reception desk.  There is no cost for this program, we simply ask you return the set before 4 pm T-F and by 2 pm on Saturdays. 

To reserve a pair, please click here:  

Live Taxidermy Demonstrations

Every 3rd Wednesday from 4:00-5:30 PM

  • May 15, Common Grackle
  • August 21
  • September 18
  • October 16
  • November 20
  • December 18

A taxidermist will walk participants step by step through the process of skinning a bird to the final stuffing/mounting. The chosen specimen will be the Yellow Billed Cuckoo. This bird was found deceased on the park property. 

Bird mounts are unique in that they do not require harmful chemicals for preservation. No eating or drinking will be allowed in the room for the duration of the process. Participants will not be permitted to touch the specimen.

*Passed in 1918, The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) prohibits the take (including killing, capturing, selling, trading, and transport) of protected migratory bird species without prior authorization by the Department of Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It is illegal for an individual to collect eggs, feathers and/or nests. 99% of birds are protected by this law, typically not covered by the MBTA include house sparrow, European starling, and rock pigeons.*

Register here: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation ( 


2024 Art Exhibits

Summer Exhibit: Midnight Dahlia Studios featuring pressed and preserved flowers.

Artist Reception: May 4th 1 PM to 3PM

May 1-July 26, 2024

Fall Exhibit: Montgomery Academy Student Exhibit, August 5-November 10, 2024

*Artists wishing to exhibit in the Nature Center can fill out this form:




 Reading Round-Up

Join us on the first Friday of the month to enjoy a group reading for your little ones! This program is sponsored by The Blue Star Families of Tennessee in an effort to build home libraries. Each child who attends gets to pick out a free book to take home! Snacks are also provided. After the reading, feel free to stay in our Community Room or go outside on the deck to enjoy your goodies. Arts for Hearts will lead a related art activity afterwards as well! This Program is suitable for children age 2-5 and. Parents are expected to stay with their children for the duration of the event.


  • May 3
  • July 5
  • August 2

Register here: 

Field Trip Offerings

If you are bringing a group to any of our parks for a trip, PLEASE notify us in advance.  

Field trips are available to any group with 10 or more participants, FREE!  

Spring Trips: March, April and May

Fall Trips: September, October and November

Click Here for a full list of activity options

Register for Field Trip programs here: 


Volunteer Information

Whether you need service hours for an organization or want to serve your local park, we have many opportunities for you to get involved!  

Example positions include: Host Volunteer, Exhibit Interpreter, Trail Guide, Trail Monitor, Special Event Assistant, Field Trip Program Facilitator, Field Trip Support, Volunteer Coordinator, and Program Assistant

Please make an account on CivicRec and indicate what your interests are.  We will reach out for an orientation meeting to decide where you will be a good fit.  

Visit this link: Catalog - Montgomery County Parks & Recreation (


For all questions, contact us at [email protected]