Is curbside recycling available in Montgomery County?

The City and County do not have any municipal waste or recycling pick-up services. Bi-County Solid Waste accepts recycling at each of its convenience centers. Recycling collection at your home or business is currently not offered by the municipality. Currently, only one third party vendor offers recycling collection. That is Recyclops. Note this is not a City, County or Bi-County service. 

How do I use the convenience centers?

The centers are open to all residents of Montgomery County. You may simply enter the center and deposit your waste and recycling. Residency is verified by your vehicles license plate. If you have just moved to Clarksville, and do not yet have a Montgomery County plate, you may be asked to show proof of residency such as your Bi-County user fee invoice, a utility bill or a rental agreement.

Why is it necessary to sort our recyclables?

Some communities have what is called single stream recycling. This is where all recyclable materials can be placed into one bin. Those materials are then taken to a sorting facility with specialized machinery that separates and bales each individual material type. Bi-County does not have a sorting facility, therefore each material brought to the convenience center must be separated into individual bins.

I would like someone to come and speak to my group about recycling, green living or sustainability?

Great, we would love to come speak to your group. Just reach out (our contact information is on the left) and let us know the topic or topics you are interested in and we will arrange a speaker for you. We can provide in-person, prerecorded or virtual presentations.

I would like to tour a local sustainable facility. Can you help me set that up?

Yes, if are interested in learning more about a local facility we can help. Currently we offer tours of the Landfill and the Drinking Water Treatment Plant but if you have another interest just let us know. We can also help arrange tours of LightWave Solar in Nashville and Aries Clean Energy Gasification Plant in Lebanon.

I have an event or topic I would like highlighted on the website. Who do I contact?

Our contact information is on the left. Just send us your information and we will add the relevant information.