Becoming Certified

Step 1: Submit Program application

Step 2: Attend workshops - Series of three workshops taught by local environmental professionals that provide best practices in resource conservation and waste reduction

Step 3: Evalute your current practices and determine where changes can be made to conserve resouces and reduce waste (i.e. change to more effecient lighting, reduce printing by going to electronic forms, change from paper towels to cloth towels)

Step 4: Track utility savings and waste reduction for 6 months 

Step 5: Become Green Certified and celebrate with a Green Ribbon Cutting

Ten Reasons to Participate in the CMCGCP

Conserve and preserve Clarksville-Montgomery County’s natural beauty and resources

Save money on utility bills

Get a marketing edge with customers

Add an additional pride point for employees

Extend the life of our local landfill keeping costs down and preserving land

Maintain air quality standards (Clarksville-Montgomery County air quality is at risk of not meeting EPA regulations) 

Take a proactive approach to what could eventually become mandated practices

Earn recognition as an environmental leader in our community

Access to green network of businesses

It's free