Sustainable Living

Reduce Holiday Waste

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans produce about 25% more waste than the rest of the year according to the EPA. Here are some ways to reduce your waste:

  • For all those new toys remember to buy rechargeable batteries to go with them.
  • Old maps, magazines and sheet music make fun, upcycled wrapping paper or instead choose reusable gift bags and boxes that can be used again next year. And don’t forget to keep your bows and ribbon to use next year too!
  • Consider giving experiences instead of items this year like movie or sports tickets, restaurant gift cards, a spa day, museum membership or cooking classes. Another option is to give a green lifestyle gift such as a rain barrel, compost kit, share of a Community Supported Agriculture program like The Food Initiative, a stainless steel water bottle or travel mug, metal straws, indoor herb garden, bamboo cooking utensils or, if you are want to go all out, an electric vehicle.
  • It’s okay to re-gift! If you have an item you received and you don’t need it or have never used it, pass it along to someone that will.
  • After the holidays are over remember to recycle your cardboard boxes and live Christmas trees at your local convenience centers. If you have Styrofoam (no peanuts or food soiled Styrofoam please) recycle that locally at Red Knight Distribution (2125 International Blvd.).

New Company to Offer Curbside Recycling in Montgomery County

Recyclops is expanding into Montgomery County. The national company, that provides a similar service in Murfreesboro and Nashville, offers a single stream recycling collection service for residential and business locations. Recyclops is currently accepting preregistrations on its website and anticipates beginning service in our area in late October. The service will include either weekly or every other week collection. 

Residential Solar Webinar Series

The Green Certification Program, in coordination with CDE, CEMC and the Sierra Club, presented two webinars on residential solar panels. The first webinar was focused on how to determine if solar is right for your home and the second discussed the economics of solar power production from your panels. These webinars are both available on the Green Certification YouTube Channel. Watch for additional webinars in the future. If you have a question regarding solar panels that you would like answered please send it to [email protected]

APSU Tree Map

APSU's campus is home to over 120 tree species and is considered an official arboretum. The trees in the arboretum are spread across campus, but the majority are concentrated at the front and center of the campus from College to Marion streets and along Eighth Street to Drane Street.