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New Selection of Recruits Policy and Procedure

Recruitment Information

Committed to "TAKING ACTION, SAVING LIVES" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All personnel must accept the fact that Montgomery County EMS functions around the clock. Therefore, they must be agreeable to shift work (24 hours, if full-time), irregular hours, rotating days off, and special assignments involving compensatory or overtime. All assignments of personnel, both pre-hospital and non-pre-hospital, are solely at the discretion of the Chief of EMS or his designee. To accomplish this, this office employs both pre-hospital and non-pre-hospital personnel.

NON-PRE-HOSPITAL PERSONNEL: EMS employs civilians who do not have a license issued by the State of Tennessee Board of Emergency Medical Services. Among the job categories for Non-licensed Personnel are Medical Insurance Associate and Insurance Clerk.

PRE-HOSPITAL PERSONNEL: Personnel who are licensed by the State of Tennessee Board of Emergency Medical Services as an Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic.

Montgomery County EMS’s standards are set high as we strive to maintain a high degree of proficiency and professionalism among its employees. Only individuals who meet these standards are considered for employment.

EMS strives to keep all employees updated on current trends, safety and medical procedures, changes in medical standards, etc. and provides in-service training of which all personnel are required to attend and successfully complete.

Applications are accepted for positions from all individuals regardless of race, creed, sex or religious beliefs.

Individuals previously employed by Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services may be considered for re-hire after a review of previous performance, employee practices, personnel file and the Exit Evaluation Forms.

Employee background, performance and evaluation information will be provided to future employers.

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Montgomery County Employee Benefits

  • Employees of Montgomery County EMS are paid bi-weekly.
  • Employees are enrolled in the Tennessee State Retirement System at no expense to the individual employee.
  • Employees also contribute to Social Security.
  • Employees may participate in a 401K plan or 457K plan to supplement retirement benefits. (Up to 25% of one’s salary, pretax)
  • Employees may participate in Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage for health and dental benefits in the individual, 2 party or family plan.
  • An eye care plan is also available.
  • Full-time employees shall accrue sick leave. Sick leave may be used for illness of the employee or for illness within his/her immediate family.
  • Annual leave is accumulated along with Holiday time, normally, Montgomery County recognizes eleven (11) holidays per year. Due to the nature of our work, employees will be required to work on the holiday but will earn the time to take another day off.

For more information on employee benefits please visit the Montgomery County Benefits page.

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Conditional Offer of Employment

After a Conditional Offer of Employment has been made and accepted, the applicant must successfully complete and pass the following requirements:

  • Physical examination
  • Drug screening test
  • A background investigation
  • Verification of all licenses and certifications

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How To Apply

Ensure you meet all of the requirements of the job description for the position in which you are applying.

Visit the Montgomery County Human Resources web site to apply for employment.

Appropriately complete the ENTIRE application for employment.

Scan and attach copies of your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, EMT/Paramedic License, Military Discharge Paperwork (if applicable) and any other certifications you hold PRIOR to submitting your completed application.