First Response Division

First Response, within our service area, is provided by area Fire Departments and Emergency Response Agencies. First Response is provided under the oversight of Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services as per State of Tennessee Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Services Rules and Regulations. Each responder must complete an approved course provided by Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services and successfully complete a State certification exam before they receive their certification. They must be affiliated with an emergency agency and be part of an organized response procedure.

Both Clarksville Fire Rescue and all Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Departments, provide first responder coverage within their own response district. Most of their responses are at a basic life support level as well as having an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on board their First Response unit. Each of these agencies participate in active Quality Improvement and education, meeting regularly with the EMS Compliance and Education Officer, and coordinating questions with the Medical Director.

Medical equipment and supplies are provided by the individual agencies and replaced, after use, through the EMS Logistics Division. Inspection of each individual response vehicle is provided on an annual basis through EMS. Records of patient contacts and patient care are maintained at both the response agency and the EMS. Response criteria are always based on the type of emergency need, the severity of injury, and the response time of the EMS unit assigned the call.

Emergency First Responder Agencies include: