Operations and Services

Personnel and Training

Bi-County's strength is in its people. They know their jobs and they do them well. Their service to the community goes beyond their jobs at Bi-County Landfill. Many Bi-County employees contribute to local charities, volunteer their time during community events, and serve on community boards.

All persons are trained and certified on the equipment they operate. This allows them to operate efficiently and safely. All departments conduct monthly safety meetings to insure their safety and the safety of the public. Other training includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • CPR Training
  • Management Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • Waste Screening
  • Specialized Training
  • Landfill Operations Training

Bi-County has operated for several years with no lost time accidents and has received several safety awards reflecting this accomplishment.


Bi-County inspects 5% of all incoming loads and will inspect all suspicious loads as deemed necessary by Bi-County staff.


Bi-County personnel constructs their lining systems with an in-house crew. This keeps the costs well below the average of about $350,000.00 per acre.

Waste Collection

All waste going into the Bi-County Landfill is weighed via a computerized digital scale. Information on the waste hauler; which county it comes from; and how much waste was received, is kept on file with Bi-County.

Daily Cover Requirements

All waste is covered daily with six inches of soil. All vertical faces of waste are covered within thirty (30) days. All special wastes are covered with waste or soil as required by regulations. After the bales of waste reach the permitted final grade; it is covered with re-compacted soil, a plastic liner, and topsoil.


Wastes accepted include household waste, yard waste, construction/demolition debris, domestic sewage sludge, uncontaminated packaging material, asbestos, tires that are off of the rims, and non-hazardous special waste (by approval only.) Alkaline batteries can be placed in the garbage. Rechargeable batteries are collected at the landfill for proper disposal.

Bi-County offers free waste audits to businesses and industries. Also, free solid waste and recycling education programs are offered to the public.

Recycle drop off and waste drop off can be done at any of our many locations in Montgomery County and Stewart County.

Latex paint can now be accepted separately at the main landfill site on Dover Road when the scales are open. The paint is used in a Posi-Shell system as an alternate daily cover and erosion control. Also, electronic waste is accepted at the Dover Road site when the scales are open for recycling.