Recyclable Items

The following is a list of items that can and cannot be recycled at the Bi-County facilities.

Acceptable Items:

Automotive Products

  • Motor oil
  • Lead Acid Batteries


  • All food and beverage containers
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Clear
  • Green


Officer Paper can be delivered to Bi-County Landfill - 3212 Dover Road during Scale Operating Hours for recycling. Should you wish to have your Office Paper shredded, please call (931) 553-5190 to make an appointment.


  • Plastics with a neck (bottles) and the number 1 or 2 in the recycle symbol on the bottle.


  • Brown fiber paper
  • Brown grocery bags
  • Brown packing paper
  • Cereal boxes (remove liner)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Other chipboard boxes

Mixed Cans

  • Aluminum cans
  • Tin/steel cans
  • Vegetable cans

No Pet Food Cans Allowed

Miscellaneous Items

(Accepted at 3212 Dover Road ONLY)

  • Electronic waste
  • Cooking oil
  • Latex paint
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Freon Containing Appliances


Non-acceptable Items:


  • Freezer boxes
  • Soiled pizza boxes

Mixed Cans

  • Aluminum siding
  • Aluminum foil
  • Aluminum pie pans


  • Window or plate glass
  • Light bulbs, mirrors
  • Ceramic, medicine, or perfume bottles


  • Bags
  • Tubs – margarine, yogurt, etc.
  • All other plastics with no neck and not number 1 or 2