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As of Feb. 22 road closures due to flooding are:

Updated at 10:40 a.m. Feb. 22
The current road closures due to flooding are:

Lock B South at the river bottoms:
Lock B Rd South
Shelton Ferry Rd
Southside Road
CB Road

Lock B North at the bottoms
Lock B North 
Gholson Road

Lock C River Bottoms
Lylewood Road at County line
Kirkwood Road at Lock C bottoms
Levi Road

Powers Place
Port Royal Lane
Chapel Hill Road at the bridge over Hurricane Creek
Acuff Road off Dunbar Cave Road
Hematite Road

Patrol Division

Commonly referred to simply as Sheriff’s Patrol, the Patrol section is the first line of law and order in Montgomery County and is responsible for enforcing the laws of the State of Tennessee. The activities of the Patrol section are dependent upon the number and types of calls for service, but the primary objective of the Sheriff’s Patrol is to protect life and property and to preserve public order.

In order to accomplish their primary objective, the Sheriff’s Patrol operates on the highways, streets, and roads of Montgomery County, providing intervention for crimes that are in progress, responding to crimes that have already occurred, and interdicting traffic offenses by making traffic stops and issuing citations. Other functions of the Patrol section include assisting stranded motorists, transporting persons to shelters or mental institutions, and locating lost or missing individuals.

The Patrol section consists of three specialized units: the K-9 Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit, and Sheriff’s Reserves.

The K-9 Unit supports the operations of the Patrol section, other specialized units within the Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies. Typically, canine teams are used to search buildings, track persons, apprehend criminal suspects, locate evidence or contraband, and to assist in control and in locating missing persons. A team of volunteers make up the K-9 Search and Rescue Team, which is often visible at community events and may be activated to the support the operations during periods of widespread activity. The unit is led by a Sergeant.

Sheriff patrol cars at nightThe Traffic Enforcement Unit is a specialized unit that focuses on the traffic-related responsibilities of the Patrol section. In addition to saturation patrol, the Traffic Enforcement Unit also utilizes the Radar Trailer to clock speeds on county roads. The unit also coordinates sobriety checkpoints at various times throughout the year, especially during holidays. Beyond the enforcement of traffic laws, the unit is also active in education for the community on the importance of safety belts and child safety seats. The unit is led by a Sergeant.

The Sheriff’s Reserves augment the operations of the Sheriff’s Patrol section, assisting primary with general patrol functions, crowd control at special community events, and transporting mental patients. The Reserves consist of forty volunteers who are commissioned deputy sheriffs. For more information, see the Sheriff’s Reserves page.

Patrol Division Staff

Sgt James Derico

Sergeant James Derico

120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611
ext. 13150



120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611

Sergeant James Evans

Sergeant James Evans

120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611
ext. 13136

Sgt Jimmy Brown

Sergeant Jimmy Brown

120 Commerce Street
ext. 13126

Sgt Mike Oliver

Sergeant Mike Oliver

120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611
ext. 13130

Cpl Shanna Grice

Corporal Shanna Grice

120 Commerce Street
ext. 13125

Cpl Derrick Carroll

Corporal Derrick Carroll

120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611
ext. 13129

Cpl Daniel Brinkmeyer

Corporal Daniel Brinkmeyer

120 Commerce Street
ext. 13127

Cpl Sam Birdlong

Corporal Sam Birdlong

120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611

This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety.
Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.