Background Investigation Policy


General Statement of Policy - In order to verify the qualifications and background of individuals before being hired into a permanent position with this Office, the Personnel Office shall conduct a thorough background investigation for each applicant.

Purpose – The Personnel Officer and designees shall be responsible for such investigation as employees of this Office, regardless of rank or assignment, hold positions of public trust.  Therefore, postings for positions in this Office shall contain notification that appointment is contingent upon a successful background investigation.

Procedure - A background investigation shall begin only after a completed application has been received and the Authorization for Release of Information had been properly witnessed. 

Initial Investigation - The initial investigation begins with, but shall not be limited to, checks of: Criminal History, Driving History, Sex Offender Status and Credit History.  A continuing investigation may begin if the applicant has demonstrated an acceptable background during the initial investigation.  Those applicants not demonstrating an acceptable background during the initial investigation shall not be considered for employment.

Continuing Investigation – Those conducting the continuing background investigation shall attempt to gain more information through the following methods:

  • Schedule initial interview with the applicant; this may reveal information useful to the background investigative process
  • Finger Print Cards.
  • Review of Criminal History - Local and NCIC/TCIC.
  • Review of Sex Offender Status.
  • Review of Driving History.
  • Proof of a valid Tennessee drivers license.
  • Social Security Number trace.
  • Review of Military Service Record.
  • Review of Credit History.
  • T.B.I. Expungement Check.
  • Review of civil and criminal court records.
  • Local data base checks.
  • Interview of past and present employers.
  • Interview of neighbors for past 10 years.
  • Verify personal references.
  • Home visit to conduct final interview.
  • Collect letters of explanation, if needed.