Organizational Structure

As a 24-hour full-service law enforcement agency, the administrative management and support of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is a major undertaking. The Sheriff’s Office currently manages an annual budget of over $22 million and a total of 395 employees, including deputy sheriffs and civilians, spread across four divisions.

Organizational Charts

Organizational Chart

Captain Detention Services Bureau Captain Admin & Professional Standards Bureau
Captain Uniform Patrols Bureau Captain Investigation & Courts Svc Bureau

Rank Structure

The rank structure of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office establishes a chain of command for commissioned deputy sheriffs that allows operations to be effectively directed. The chain of command is a series of management positions in order of authority with each higher rank representing a higher level of responsibility. Higher ranks like Captain and Lieutenant represent a broader range or scope of authority, while lower ranks like Sergeant and Corporal represent a more focused on specialized area or unit of supervision.

The organizational structure is composed of eight basic ranks:

Rank Badge Color Scope of Responsibility Insignia
Deputy Sheriff Silver Not a supervisor None
Field Training Officer Silver Field Training Officer for Patrol Shift Supervisor or Detention Division FTO
Investigator or
School Resource Officer
Gold Not a supervisor, but Investigators may provide direction for deputies at crime scenes None
Corporal Gold  First-line Supervisor/Assistant to Shift Sergeant
2 Chevrons
Sergeant* Gold Unit or Shift Commander
3 Chevrons
Lieutenant Gold Section Commander
Single Gold Bar
Captain Gold Division Commander
Double Gold Bar
Chief Deputy Sheriff Gold Department-wide jurisdiction with the authority to act in the stead of the Sheriff
Four Gold Stars
Sheriff Gold Department-wide authority
Five Gold Stars arranged in a pentagon

* In the Enforcement Division, there are two Sergeant ranks: Sergeant and Investigator Sergeant. While Investigator Sergeants are compensated at a higher pay grade, the scope of authority is the same. In the Detention Divisions, there are two classifications of Sergeant: Shift Commander and Sergeant. Shift Commanders have authority over an entire shift, including other supervisors with the rank of Sergeant, even though their pay grade is the same.