Mail Guidelines

Starting May 18, 2020, inmates will be allowed one adult visitor during visitation hours. The visitor will be required to wear a mask or face covering during visitation. Please acquire your mask or face covering prior to your scheduled visitation time, one will not be provided by jail staff. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions please call 931-542-5229.

Envelopes must be addressed as below to help us ensure your mail gets to the right person. Please include your return address so if there is an issue your mail may be returned to you. Please note the following updated mail guidelines:

  • Be in a plain white envelope.
  • Written on white lined paper with only blue or black ink.
  • No other items are allowed inside with the letter.
  • No photos to include photos printed on paper.
  • No greeting cards and no glitter.
  • No coloring on pages or envelope of any kind i.e. crayons, pencils, markers, etc.
  • No signs of liquid staining on any part of the envelope or contents.

    Jonathan Peter Doe #10001
    First name, middle name, last name, Inmate ID Number
    116 Commerce St.
    Clarksville, TN 37040

    • All incoming and outgoing mail is examined for criminal content and contraband.
    • Do not put lipstick, perfume, paint, glitter ink, lamination, glue, stickers or tape on the envelope or anything contained with it. These items can be used to mask narcotics.
    • Do not send any kind of money. Cash, checks and credit cards will be returned.
    • Do not include blank sheets of paper, stamps or envelopes in the mail. These items are available on commissary.
    • Any mail referencing criminal activity or Security Threat Groups (Gangs) will be returned.
    • Letters that contain sexually explicit writing is not allowed
    • Inmate to inmate mail is not allowed even if it is mailed by a third party or from another penal institution.
    • Inmates are allowed 1 book by mail per week. Books must come from a publisher or distributor.
    • We do not allow puzzle, coloring or comic books.
    • Books must be paperback and not exceed allowable size. Larger books can be used as a weapon. Normal Paperback must be within 5” wide x8” tall x2” thick. Large Paperback must be within 6” wide x9½” tall x 1” thick. Weight not to exceed 12 Ounces.
    • We do not allow any type of magazine.
    • Photocopies of books, blank pages from coloring or puzzle books, newspaper and magazine clippings are not allowed.
    • Do not include anything made of metal such as paperclips or staples.