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Investigative & Courts Services Bureau

The Enforcement Division of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for assisting and protecting the citizens of Montgomery County.

The Enforcement Division is divided into four primary sections: the Patrol Section, which is responsible for responding to requests to service, taking reports, ensuring the proper and orderly flow of traffic, and arresting offenders; the Criminal Investigations Section, which is tasked with investigating crimes against people and property, the Criminal Warrants Section, which serves all criminal warrants to include extraditions of inmates to and from Montgomery County and working with the U.S. Marshal Service to serve warrants, the fourth section is the School Resource Officer Section enforces laws on local middle and high school campuses in addition to providing a law enforcement presence, they investigate criminal activity and make arrests as necessary.

In addition to these general operations, there are specialized units within each section that are highly trained to handle a specific discipline within law enforcement.


Investigative & Courts Services Bureau Command Staff

Lt .

Lieutenant William Wall

Investigations & Intel
120 Commerce Street
(931) 648-0611 ext. 13415

Lieutenant James McManama

Lieutenant James McManama

Courts & Process
120 commerce Street
(931)648-0611 ext. 13301

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