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Montgomery County Government Offices will be closed on Monday, February 19 in observance of Presidents' Day. Montgomery County Departments will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, February 20.

All Clear.

Detention Division


The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office operates one of the largest detention programs in the State of Tennessee, consisting of the Montgomery County Jail and the Montgomery County Workhouse.

Montgomery County Jail

The Montgomery County Jail processes an excess of 11,000 individuals on charges ranging from civil matters to murder. These inmates are from every ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic background. With an average daily population of nearly 500, the administrative and operational resources required to operate the Montgomery County Jail are huge. The Court Transport Unit of the Jail Division’s Administrative Services Section is responsible for transporting over 10,000 inmates to and from court annually.

Montgomery County Workhouse

The inmate work program allows non-violent offenders who have been sentenced for misdemeanor crimes to serve their time productively. Up to 144 male inmates may be held at the Montgomery County Workhouse, many of whom report for confinement Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Some inmates assigned to the Workhouse have the opportunity to work off a portion of their sentence by working with a litter abatement crew. This is a funded project that allows inmates to contribute to the community during their confinement by clearing the right-of-way and pick up litter along county roads.

Division Staff

Martin PierceLt. Martin Pierce

Jail Administration

Daniel Armstrong Lt. Daniel Armstrong

Jail Operations

Jason LitchfieldLt. Jason Litchfield

Jail Intake / Records / Transports / Workhouse

Tara SoutherlandTara Southerland

Jail Administrative Officer

Sgt. Brian LeeSgt. Brian Lee

Disciplinary / Classification

Emmett SextonChaplain Emmett Sexton

Jail Chaplain

Sgt. Terry LeeSgt. Terry Lee

1st Shift Booking

Sgt. Sam ShoopmanSgt. Sam Shoopman

2nd Shift Booking

Sgt. Robert McLeskeySgt. Robert McLeskey

3rd Shift Booking

Sgt. Tony JanusasSgt. Tony Janusas


Sgt. Missy CollinsSgt. Missy Collins


Sgt. Harold StiltsSgt. Harold Stilts

1st Shift Towers

Sgt. David VerissimoSgt. David Verissimo

2nd Shift Towers

Sgt. Joseph WelchSgt. Joseph Welch

3rd Shift Towers

Sgt. Roger SecrestSgt. Roger Secrest

TCI / Compliance

Sgt. Chris OlsonSgt. Chris Olson

Range Master

Cpl. James MooseCpl. James Moose

1st Shift Towers

Cpl. Desiree HahnefeldCpl. Desiree Hahnefeld

1st Shift Towers

Cpl. Matthew RitscherCpl. Matthew Ritscher

1st Shift Towers

Cpl. Andrew SparksCpl. Andrew Sparks

2nd Shift Towers

Cpl. Joshua RyleCpl. Joshua Ryle

2nd Shift Towers

Cpl. Megan CorderCpl. Megan Corder

2nd Shift Towers

Cpl. Jeff HollandCpl. Jeff Holland

3rd Shift Towers

Cpl. Jessica CraneCpl. Jessica Crane

3rd Shift Towers

Cpl. Tim HarrisonCpl. Tim Harrison

3rd Shift Towers

Cpl. Keith SteppCpl. Keith Stepp


Cpl. Michael WeberCpl. Michael Weber


Cpl. Brian SzlosekCpl. Brian Szlosek


Cpl. Brett BadgettCpl. Brett Badgett


Cpl. Herbert FiferCpl. Herbert Fifer


Cpl. Jaclynn SummervilleCpl. Jaclynn Summerville

1st Shift Booking

Cpl. Novelle FlippenCpl. Novelle Flippen

2nd Shift Booking

Cpl. Ashley BeckCpl. Ashley Beck

3rd Shift Booking

Cpl. Thomasa MunroeCpl. Thomasa Munroe

Jail Training

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