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Personnel Policies

What is a policy?

Policies provide the framework and background for decisions, so that supervisors and managers can explain to their employees (and to themselves) why a certain or decision is the right one under the circumstances.

A textbook defines a policy as:

“A guide to action and decision-making under a given set of circumstances that assures consistency and fairness within the framework of organizational objectives and management philosophy.”

The important word is “guide”; it does not tell what action to take or what decision to make, but it serves as a guide when you make these decisions for yourself.

Why do we need policies?

“To provide the tools and the guidance that allows managers to manage and employees to succeed.”

Policies provide us with a single, up-to-date, reliable source of guidance and information to which everyone can turn not only in situations where the “right” course of action is unclear, but also in cases where they are tempted to act on memory or instinct. With a policy manual to point the way or to back up what they feel is a justifiable action or decision, managers and supervisors will be able to act swiftly and decisively, fairly, legally, and consistently – and employees will know that they are being protected from personal bias and poor judgment.