Rejuvenation/ Preventive Maintenance

Montgomery County Asphalt Rejuvenation Project


In an effort to slow the deterioration of county roads we will be spraying an asphalt rejuvenator on selected roadways to extend their life span by 5-7 years. When the aging process is slowed early in the pavement’s life cycle we can extend the condition of the road longer and delay expensive maintenance needs. The roads will be sprayed with a solution that acts as a sealant locking out UV rays and water, which slows oxidation of the asphalt. The solution also restores compounds that act as a glue that bind the asphalt together and make it more flexible. 



24 to 48 hours before a road is treated, a notification is hung on resident’s doors explaining the process and asking them not to park on the street. On the day of treatment, the road is first and then the solution is sprayed, after the application a light sand is put on the road to soak up excess residue and to add traction. The next day the sand will also be swept up. One lane of traffic will be maintained at all times, however caution should be used when driving and a speed of 5 mph should be maintained on fresh material. 

Important Facts:

A notice will be given 24 hrs. in advance to residents on roads being treated.

Rain will delay work until the following day.

All residents will have access to their driveways and one lane of traffic will always be available.

Remove parked cars before work begins.

Please use caution while driving and maintain 5 MPH when driving on freshly treated roads.

Material staining will last a few weeks to a month and will weather off, leaving no stain.