Quick Facts

  • Out of the 741 miles of roads 723 miles are Hot Mixed, 16 miles are Oiled & Chipped, and 1.1 miles are Gravel.
  • The Montgomery County Highway Department mows and maintains approx. 1,796 acres of right-of-way five times a year.
  • The Highway Department now has two new salt holding facilities in the County. One is located in the Cunningham Community and the second is in the Woodlawn area. A third is planned to be built in the Mt. Carmel Community. Both existing facilities are capable of holding 900 tons of salt. This will allow the Highway Department to have a quicker response time during snow events.
  • The Montgomery County Highway Department has 917 roads that averages 0.80 miles long.
  • The Longest road in Montgomery County is Old Highway 48 that measures 12.28 miles.
  • The Shortest roads in Montgomery County is Tate Lane at 0.02 miles, Brandon Drive also at 0.02 miles.
  • The Montgomery County Highway Department employs 70 full time employees.
  • The Montgomery County Highway Department also maintains 138 Bridges and Box Culverts.
  • The Montgomery County Highway Department laid over 36,000 tons of Hot Mix in the fiscal year 2008/2009, painted 232 miles of pavement markings using 15,443 gallons of paint and 92,678 lbs of Reflective Beads.
  • Road Miles Ownership- TOTAL MILES 89,160 – Local governments own 85% of road miles in Tennessee. 
State          13,833          15%
  • Bridge Ownership- Bridges over 20’ in length. TOTAL BRIDGES 19,574 – Local governments own 58% of bridges in Tennessee. 
State          8,150          41.57%