Emergency Medical Services

Non-emergency Transportation - (931) 648-5737, Ext. 2

Montgomery County EMS
601 Dunlop Lane
Clarksville, TN 37040
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Phone: (931) 648-5737
Fax: (931) 645-5702
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Management Team and Staff

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Department Command Staff consist of:
Jimmie W. Edwards, MS, RN, EMT-P
Director of Emergency Services
Bill Webb, BS, EMT-P
Chris M. Proctor, RN, EMT-IV
Chief of Operations
David Knudson, EMT-P
Education Officer
Shift Commanders consist of:

Captain - Shift Commander of A-Shift
Gerry D. Pulley, EMT-IV
Captain - Shift Commander of B-Shift
Daniel A. Norfleet, BS, EMT-P
Captain - Shift Commander of C-Shift
Shift District Supervisors consist of:
Dustin A. Haas, AAS, EMT-P
A-Shift Lieutenant/ERT Commander
Chris Turner, EMT-P
A-Shift Lieutenant

Jesse Ferrell, EMT-P

A-Shift Lieutenant

Carlos D. Elliott, EMT-P
B-Shift Lieutenant
Brian P. McNeeley, BS, EMT-P
B-Shift Lieutenant
Steve Harris, BS, EMT-P
B-Shift Lieutenant
David Burkhart, EMT-P
C-Shift Lieutenant
Danny Cotterell, EMT-P
C-Shift Lieutenant
Garland Lester, EMT-P
C-Shift Lieutenant
Medical Direction consists of:
Stephen Kent, MD, JD
Medical Director