Process for Filing Documents

Filing in Person

Upon entering the Register of Deeds office the customer is directed to a recording cashier. The cashier reviews the document for correct recording information. The recording information is entered into the document recording system. The document is then scanned, checked for image clarity and given to document disposition. At this point, the recording process is complete and the original document is returned to the customer.

Filing by Mail

The Document Recording section begins processing all mail as it is received by the Register of Deeds Office. Each document is reviewed for recording requirements. Documents that do not meet the requirements are mailed back to the sender with a detailed explanation. Documents meeting recording requirements are entered into the document recording system by the recording cashiers. The documents are then scanned, checked for image clarity, and taken to document disposition where they are returned by mail or put in a file box.

**Please note - A self addressed stamped envelope is required for all documents processed by mail.


Montgomery County is electronically recording documents & has been since 2017. Sending your documents electronically for recording helps you save time and money.

  • Documents recorded in minutes
  • Avoid mailing costs, traffic, and wasted time
  • Eliminate check writing expenses
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Shorten the recording gap

For e-recording you may contact with Simplifile, ePN, or CSC.