Voter Registration Drives

A Voter Registration Drive is an effort by a person or a group to locate and register to vote those who are eligible but are not yet registered. Voter Registration Drives may be conducted by anyone in Tennessee.

Registrations completed as part of Voter Registration Drives are considered by-mail registrations. This means that the first time these registrants vote they will have to do so in person, either at the Election office during Early Voting or at their polling precincts on Election Day. These voters will not be eligible to apply for an absentee ballot until after they have voted in person at least one time.

Please Note: Those conducting Voter Registration Drives within Montgomery County are not acting in an official capacity for the Montgomery County Election Commission. The Montgomery County Election Commission is not responsible for the failure of those conducting drives to act in a timely or ethical manner.

If you are interested in conducting a Voter Registration Drive, please stop by the Montgomery County Election Commission on Pageant Lane ( map ). The Election office will issue you a packet of fifty (50) blank voter registration forms, will instruct you on helping others to complete the forms properly, and will give you a Guide for Voter Registration Drive, which you should read fully before beginning your drive. When you have completed your drive, you will be personally responsible for returning both completed and blank voter registration forms to the Election office prior to any voter registration deadlines.