Early Voting

Early voting allows registered voters to cast their ballots before Election Day. Early voting adds ease and convenience to the voting process by:

  • Providing a choice of days and times during which to vote, including Saturdays;
  • Enabling the voter to update his/her name or address information at the same time and in the same place that he/she votes; and
  • Speeding up the amount of time that it takes to make it through the voting process. During Early Voting, voting is centralized at one location, which allows more resources to be devoted to that one site.

Who Is Eligible To Vote Early?

Any voter who is registered to vote at least thirty (30) days before election day is eligible to vote early in that election. Unlike voting by mail, you do not need to have a special reason to vote early.

When Can I Vote Early?

Early Voting begins twenty (20) days before any election and ends between five (5) and seven (7) days before the election. You may vote Monday-Saturday within this time period.

The hours that you will be able to vote will change with each election. Check for the times in the local newspaper prior to the election, or call the Election office to find out the times.

Where Should I Go To Vote Early?

Stop by the Montgomery County Election Commission on Pageant Lane during Early Voting hours to vote. The office is located just a couple of doors down from the Public Library. 

There is an additional early voting site at the Clarksville Regional Airport, 200 Airport Rd. 

What If I Can't Vote During Early Voting?

If you are unable to stop by the Election Commission during early voting, or if you prefer to not vote early, you may vote at your polling precinct on Election Day.

If you are unable to early vote and you are unable to vote on Election Day, you may be eligible to request to vote Absentee By Mail.