Assessment Change Notices

Each year, usually in early May, an Assessment Change Notice card is mailed to all county property owners whose property values have either increased or decreased for the current tax year from the values assessed in the previous tax year.

Changes could be triggered by a variety of actions such as building an addition, adding a driveway, patio, etc. or by removing a barn or other building. The change could be permanent, as in the case of an addition, or temporary, for something like fire damage. If you are unsure what caused the change in the appraisal value just ask someone in the Assessor of Property’s office and they will be happy to explain it.


The information on the front of this notice shows the appraised and assessed values for property tax purposes for your property. The assessed value is a percentage of appraised value determined by state law according to the classification of the property (residential, commercial/industrial, farm, or public utility). A local tax rate is then applied to the assessed value to determine the amount of taxes due.

If you believe that the appraised value on the front of this notice does not reflect the market value of your property, or if you believe your appraised value is not in line with the appraised values of similar property in your county, you may contact the Assessor of Property or you may appear before the local Board of Equalization. The tax rate and tax amount should not be the subject of an appeal, as the tax rate is determined separately by the local governing body.