Research & Records Request

Research & Public Records

We will be glad to search our records for your ancestor. We will search for ONE surname (see exceptions below) in ONE record group (such as marriages or deeds) for ONE ten year time period for a $5.00 search fee, notify the patron of findings and cost to obtain copies.

Please send only ONE record search request at a time.

Exceptions to this are surnames such as Smith, Jones, Brown, Johnson, Allen, Wilson, Williams, Davis, and locally common surnames Baggett, Batson, Trotter, which are $10.00. Although we have other records, the specific record groups available for research by mail are the following:

  • Marriages, indexed by groom and bride, beginning in 1838
  • Deeds, beginning in 1789
  • Probates, beginning in 1796
  • County Court Minutes, 1804-1819, every name index; from 1820, general surname
  • Chancery Court Minutes, beginning 1840, general surname
  • Delayed Birth Records, incomplete, recorded 1940s
  • Gannaway Obituary Abstracts, 1810, indexed by decedent
  • Montgomery County census, 1820-1880; for 1900-1930, district must be indicated

Please indicate the record group that is to be searched, the ten-year time period, and the surname. Upon receipt of the research fee and your instructions, we will begin the search. Your check or money order for the research fee should be made to the Montgomery County Archives and mailed with your request to P.O. Box 323, Clarksville, TN 37041-0323. Copies are $.50 per page, postage depends on the volume of copies; fees for postage and copies are determined after the original search and you are notified of our findings. When making your request, please include your e-mail address for quicker notification.

For questions or further information, we can be reached during regular business hours at telephone (931) 553-5159, fax (931) 553-5158, or through email. With the exception of federal holidays, our normal hours are 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

We look forward to answering your request.