The Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy & History: Twenty Years of Journals, 1987-2007

This CD contains the collection of MTGS Journals spanning twenty years. It is a wonderful collection for both professional and amateur genealogists, and will certainly be a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Middle Tennessee History.
$25 at Archives $27.50 Mailed (includes postage)

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools: Pictorial & Historical Collection, Vol. I & II

Compiled by Sandra J. Stacey, this collection provides an historical overview of Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools. The book also contains copies of original photos and records, which provides a unique glimpse into the origins and developments that led to the modern Clarksville-Montgomery County School System. Volume I encompasses the development of Districts 1–11, and Volume II focuses on Districts 12-22. Each volume is sold separately.
At Archives: Volume I: $25 Volume II: $25
Mailed: Volume I: $27.50 Volume II: $27.50

Marriages of Montgomery County, TN: Book 1, 1838-1845

Now available from the Montgomery County Archives, this booklet's format is similar to the first marriage book itself and includes an every-name index for groom, bride, bondsman, and official.
$10 at Archives
$12.50 mailed (price includes postage)
Work on Marriage Book 2, 1845-1853 is in progress.

"Faces of Valor": Volumes I, II, & III

In 2005, the Clarksville Kiwanis Club worked with APSU, the Clarksville-Montgomery County Library, the Montgomery County Archives, the Leaf-Chronicle, and the Customs House Museum to produce these collections honoring Montgomery County Veterans. Each volume includes descriptions and photographs of veterans of the military that served in all branches from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror. Volume I contains 244 Veterans; Volume II contains 385; and Volume III contains 400.
Volume I: $5 Volume II: $10 Volume III: $15
All Three Editions Package: $25 (If mailed, postage will be added to price.)

1877 D. G. Beers & Company Map of Montgomery County

Available at the Montgomery County Archives - Reproduction of the 1877 D. G. Beers & Company map of Montgomery County, Tennessee. The map is 34" x 49" in full color. The map illustrates the 20 Civil Districts of 1877 and the City of Clarksville. Insets include State Line [Guthrie], Port Royal, New Providence, and Palmyra. Also shown on the map are businesses and proprietors of both the city and county, and local population figures for 1870.
$60 at Archives $65 Mailed or with reinforced storage tube

1939 Highway Map of Montgomery County

Created in 1939, this map shows the main highway routes existing during the late 1930's to the early 1940's. Also shown on the map are rivers, land holdings, towns, and railroad lines. The map is approximately 24" x 30".
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Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society: Family Bible Project

This CD contains a collection of family Bibles from Middle Tennessee. The Bibles reference over 11,000 names and MTGS provides photos of sources from the Bibles.
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"Remembering Clarksville, TN: Using Actual Photographs Made In 1954" Volumes I & II

Compiled by Irene Griffey and Sandra Ellis, this is a unique collection of photographs from 1954. According to the authors, "These photographs, made approximately 58 years ago, provided an accurate and comprehensive history of what Clarksville was like soon after World War II". The pictures correspond to parcel lots, which encompasses downtown Clarksville in 1954. Volume I includes Plat No. 28, which includes the Riverside Dr. Area to 1st Street. Volume II includes Plat No. 27, which extended from 1st Street to 4th Street. Each volume is sold separately.

Sold Seperately, $25 at Archives $27.50 Mailed

Transcriptions by Attorney General Matt G. Lyle

Compiled by Irene M. Griffey, this data disk contains information on land holdings, Circuit Court hearings, and marriage contracts. These records were thought to be lost until they were uncovered in former Assistant Attorney General, Matt G. Lyle's personal collection.
$25 at Archives $27.50 Mailed

The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal

From 1971 until 1981, Ms. Ann Evans Alley published The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal. Ms. Alley, a Genealogist and Archivist at the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA), worked with many local Historians, Genealogists, Archivists, and Researchers to produce the journal. Many of the journal's topics include: marriage records, land deeds, court cases, genealogic research, birth records, and obituary notices.
$25 at Archives $27.50 Mailed

Shadow Soldiers of the Confederacy

This book is a compilation of historical information from a myriad of sources. Although there are a few seemingly larger-than-life events portrayed here, this is a non-fiction book. Additionaly, even though there are only two authors listed here, much of the information in this book came directly from several of the Coleman Scouts' descendants who are listed at the back of this book. Softbound, 153 pages
$10 at Archives Orders by mail must be prepaid, $15.10 by check or money order to the Montgomery County Archives

Southside School Memories

Southside School Memories is a history and a collection of photographs of the three schools that once stood at Southside, Tennessee. The 160 page, softbound book includes nearly 400 pictures of all three schools-Southside Preparatory School, Southside Elementary School, and Southside High School, as well as students, group photos, teachers, cooks, janitors, basketball teams and much more. The book is available from the author, Linda Greenup, at (931)387-1095 or pick one up at the Montgomery County Archives.
$20.00 at Archives

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