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Today the emergency communication business is more technologically advanced than ever before. Radio communication systems are more complex and elaborate. Most emergency public service agencies today operate on digital trunking radio systems. There is also a big movement to provide interoperability communications between local, state, and federal agencies. This capability gives responders from different agencies common frequencies to operate on during times of large scale disasters, mutual aid events, or training exercises. In Montgomery County a 450Mhz Passport Trunking System provides communications for the Sheriff Department, EMS, County Fire, and Emergency Management Agency. The Clarksville Police Department and Clarksville Fire Rescue operate on a 800Mhz EDACS Trunking System. Both of these systems have the ability to communicate with each other.

Montgomery county is also home for Tennessee Homeland Security District 7, which includes Stewart, Houston, Cheatham, Robertson, Dickson, and Humphreys counties. The Passport Trunking system is networked across all seven counties to provide regional interoperability.

911 systems also are becoming increasingly more advanced. When 911 was first introduced, it simply provided a single number to call for any type of emergency. With the coming of Enhanced 911 (E-911), not only did you have a single number to call, but your phone number and address was also provided to the dispatcher. Today, cutting edge technology is bringing us Next Generation 911 (NG911). This type of service gives 911 centers the capability to receive data and calls from several different types of devices. NG911 will give those in need the ability to send text messages to 911 centers, plus other devices and services will be able to transmit data such as crash information, images, and even video.

The Montgomery County E-911 Center now operates the new IP based NG911 system. Once final standards and procedures are set, we will have the capability to recieve 911 calls from these various devices and formats.