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Spring Creek Baptist Church Now Open as Second Shelter Location

December 13, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

Clarksville, Montgomery County TN – Spring Creek Baptist Church at 2760 Trenton Road opened as a second shelter location for those impacted by the tornadoes. The church is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. beginning today. Showers are open and available. 

Breakfast and lunch will be served each day. Pets are not permitted. Updated information about the added shelter will be posted as it becomes available. Donations are welcome.

Northeast High School at 2701 Trenton Road is open 24 hours for those impacted by the tornadoes.  




Don’t Fall Prey To Scammers - Be Aware And Be Alert

December 12, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

Scammers are looking to make a quick buck out of our recent weather tragedy and leave behind an additional trail of damage.

Scams common after natural disasters include but are not limited to insurance scams, contractor fraud such as: tree removal, roof repair, landscaping, etc., and disaster relief charity scams. Never give out any personal information. 

 Here are a few points to remember when selecting a for-hire-service:

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau by email at: [email protected] or give them a call at 615-242-4222
  • Take time to check references of home improvement service providers.
  • Verify and document the identity of the person/people offering these services.
  • Require written contracts and maintain any and all correspondence with the providers.
  • Document the process before, during, and after.

In the event you believe you have a criminal issue and need to report your situation to law enforcement, documentation of the for-hire-service, as well as, written contracts and agreements will be necessary to further a criminal investigation into the matter.

Tennessee law states:

Residential Owner Responsibilities

As per TCA § 39-14-154, Actions by Home Improvement Services Provider that Constitute Offense, state law makes requirements of the property owner before there are criminal implications for the home improvement services provider.

  • Keep copies of all documents and correspondence with the home improvement services provider.
  • If after ninety-days have elapsed if no substantial portion of the work has been performed, hand deliver or send by certified mail with return receipt requested a written request for a refund to the home improvement services provider.
  • Also send a copy of the written refund request by certified mail return receipt requested to:

Commerce and Insurance

Division of Consumer Affairs

500 James Robertson Parkway, 12th Floor

Nashville, TN 37243-0600

  • Ten days after the request letter has been received or refused to be accepted by the home improvement services provider, the residential owner may contact the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office if the residence is outside the city limits or if within the city limits contact the Clarksville Police Department by dialing 911 to file a report.  

If convicted of TCA § 39-14-154, Actions by Home Improvement Services Provider, you may face felony charges and jail time graded pursuant to Theft TCA § 39-14-105

Clarksville, Montgomery County Loss of Lives Confirmed

December 09, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

Clarksville, Montgomery County, TN – At this time we can confirm that three people are deceased, two adults and one child as a result of the tornado that touched down this afternoon. Additionally, 23 people have been treated at the hospital.

We are still in the search and rescue phase of this disaster and will provide updates as we receive confirmation.

Mayor Wes Golden stated, “This is a sad day for our community. We are praying for those who are injured, lost loved ones, and lost their homes. This community pulls together like no other and we will be here until the end.”

“This is devastating news and our hearts are broken for the families of those who lost loved ones. The City stands ready to help them in their time of grief,” said City of Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts.

Northeast High School located at 3701 Trenton Road is set-up as a Red Cross Shelter for anyone who has been displaced or in need of assistance.

It is vitally important that citizens avoid the area and stay off the roadway. The congested roadways restrict the movement of emergency vehicles.

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Bi-County Solid Waste Adds Industrial Shredder to Equipment Inventory

December 08, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – Bi-County Solid Waste Management took possession of a new M&J shredder this week. The shredder has the capability of shredding demolition waste, Class I waste, (household wastes and commercial wastes), mattresses, and tires.   

 The machine can shred approximately 70 tons of waste per hour. On the first day of use, 151.16 tons of demolition waste and 200 mattresses were shredded. 

 Mattresses and tires are challenging items to process in the landfill. Mattresses hold water that can cause seeps or leakage of leachate which is liquid that has come in contact with garbage. Leachate seeps require special clean-up, which takes time and manpower away from other important landfill duties. Bi-County has been paying to send tires off-site for processing, as whole tires cannot go in the landfill.

 Bi-County Operator Gerald Waynick stated “Even with all of the incoming demolition waste I accepted today, I could not keep the hopper full. The shredder worked great and gave us the time and room to process more waste.”

 The cost of the industrial shredder was approximately $865,000. It is expected to provide an excellent return on the investment by providing better compaction in the Class III Demolition Landfill, adding to the longevity of the landfill cell, which allows for more waste in the cell, and offsetting the cost of cell construction. Shredding tires and mattresses on-site also saves time, manpower, and contractual tire processing expenses. 

 Director of Bi-County Solid Waste Mark Neblett stated “We surveyed a test area and will track the shred volume to make comparisons of the density/volume ratios. Sites in other states claim the shredding process has increased air space by 30-40%, allowing more waste in the same permitted area. We are excited to use this machine and ultimately add space and time to the landfill.” 

For information about Bi-County and its services, visit or call 931-648-5751.

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Ferry Road Convenience Center Gets an Upgrade

November 08, 2023 - MoCo Gov.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. – Bi-County Solid Waste Management’s Ferry Road Convenience Center, located at 2351 Ferry Road, underwent a major paving upgrade last week. The improvement was completed through a TDEC Convenience Center 50/50 matching grant applied for by Bi-County staff. 
The estimated cost of paving the center was $71,545.00. The TDEC grant covers half the cost and Bi-County will cover the remaining balance. 

“It was important to minimize the downtime at the Center for the residents. To do that, our staff worked long hours to remove all equipment, assist the paving crew, and replace equipment, resulting in only a one-day operation shutdown with a reopen date of November 3,” said Mark Neblett, Bi-County Solid Waste Director.

The Montgomery County Highway Department worked with Bi-County to complete the Ferry Road paving project. 

“I’m grateful to work with a board that understands the need for improvements. Although we do not own all the convenience center properties, our goal is to pave at the centers that we own. We truly appreciate the Montgomery County Highway Department Staff assisting us with the project.”

Bi-County applies for the Convenience Center Grant and other TDEC grants as they become available to improve services to customers in Montgomery and Stewart counties. 

For information about Bi-County and its services, visit or call 931-648-5751.

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